Fear triggers anxiety and anxiety leads to depression. Fear is a creation of imagination; and not able to face fear is one of the major causes of depression.

Depression is when one tends to isolate himself and pull back from people with whom he would otherwise like to spend time, as he feels unlovable and undesirable. In isolation he feels safe, avoiding all the hurts and disappointments that weigh him down.

However, this is not a good state to be in, for going ahead, it could make you weaker and lonelier. Today, you asking this question ‘How do I get rid of depression and fear?’ is an act of great courage indeed, and now that you are willing to get rid of it, it certainly will.

But how?…
In order to get rid of fear and depression, you need to put in some effort, but depression blocks you from putting in this effort. So you need a solution wherein there is no effort required from your side.

Is this possible? Does such a solution exist in this world?…
Yes it does. Let us check it out, what it is.

Do you want to overcome depression permanently?
Then someone who cares and has the vision of your success can help you see yourself in a different way, (or should I say, see yourself in the right way…), and thus can help you get moving.

If you find the worldly life bothersome, you need to understand spirituality. In spirituality, we know ‘Who am I’. And when ‘Who am I’ is known, all puzzles get solved automatically.

All the suffering in our life is because we do not know our true identity. Until you realize your true Self, you believe yourself to be the name that has been given to you. For example, you believe that you are Caroline (reader may insert his / her name here). But, are you Caroline or your name is Caroline? If your name is Caroline, who are you?

You are an eternal Soul. Yes, not by theory but by fact you are a Pure Soul.

How do you believe it?…
By experiencing it!
For infinite past lives, the Soul has been hidden beneath veils of ignorance. And due to this, we have been unable to experience our true Self. 

How do we experience it then?…
There is no other method to acquire the experience of Pure Soul other than through Gnan and Gnani’s grace. The acquisition of Gnan leads us to the firm conviction that never leaves; the conviction that ‘I am really a Soul’.

With the grace of the Living Gnani, it is possible to realize your true Self through a scientific process called Gnan Vidhi (Self Realization ceremony). Thereafter, you not only understand that you are really a Soul, but you also experience your true bliss.

After attaining Self Realization, you will not get depressed in any situation. This is because of the blissful state that starts spontaneously within you. The separation of the ego from your true Self during the ceremony causes this blissful state to arise.

After attaining Self Realization, you realize that every living being is really a Soul and therefore whether you are alone or in a crowd, now you are always one with the entire world. You also realize that neither you nor anyone else is the doer in this world, the circumstances are the doer. When circumstances come together, an event takes place. You come to know that the other person’s actions in our interactions are merely the result of our own unfolding karma. This real knowledge prevents you from becoming fearful or depressed anymore.

So, go to Gnani and attain Self Realization in order to get rid of fear and depression.

And how do you meet Gnani?…
First, the desire to meet Gnani and attain the knowledge of the Self arises within you; that is one circumstance in itself. And then comes the circumstance of you meeting the Gnani Purush.

After that, no matter how severe a depression you may have, it will leave. There is tremendous energy in the words of the Gnani. Gnani nurses and nurtures the depressed through the compassion in ‘His’ eyes. There are many ways the Gnani Purush can awaken energies. So, this verily is the place to get rid of depression. This is where your work is done!!