In the job market, tough competition is the name of the game. If you’re seeking employment then patience, will and determination are required to help you land the job you desire. But other actions are equally as important for giving you the competitive edge. Incorporating common-sense steps into your job search can help put you that much closer to the job offer of your dreams.

Make Your Resume Count

Perhaps the most important aspect of the job hunt is your resume. To be a viable candidate in a competitive job market your resume should be in tip-top form. It should highlight your education and career experiences and sell potential employers the value and the skills you could bring to their company. It is beneficial to you to make your personal and professional skills the most prominent features of your resume. This is more useful than simply making a list of the jobs you’ve previously held since it gives the potential employers an in-depth look at your previous career experiences. If you’re a member of an association, indicate this on your resume as well as it can help show other levels of responsibilities you hold.

Be Creative

Sometimes job seekers need to use their imagination to hook potential employers’ attention. They have to work out different methods of resume creation. For example, employees elaborate weird words for these purposes.

It’s great if a person is able to produce content himself/herself. If no, you can use different tools.

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Hovewer, you should be careful and remember that different people perceive information differently. So use your imagination only if you know that it is acceptable.

Form a Network of Contacts

The old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” is true—especially when it comes to your job search. Create a network of your friends, family members, acquaintances, as well as current and previous job colleagues; make them aware of your job search so they can keep their eyes and ears open to possible job opportunities you may be interested in. You end up forming connections with people you probably wouldn’t have, had you not connected with individuals that you both know.

Do Your Research

After you get the long-awaited phone call that you’ve been selected for an interview, you need to get down to business learning more about the company. Conduct thorough research on the company’s history and the type of service(s) and/or product(s) they offer as well as any other pertinent information. Arming yourself with specific information can go a long way in helping boost your confidence during an interview and in helping you form proper answers to the questions posed to you. It can also give you the advantage when it is your turn to ask questions of the interviewer. Having background knowledge of the company can help you pose valuable questions to the interviewer about the job itself. These questions can help you gain better insight as to why a position is available; what is expected of the successful candidate and the opportunities for growth within the position.

Put Your Best Self Forward

The way you dress for an interview should not be overlooked. Wear clothes that help you present yourself professionally. But make sure it is something that you feel comfortable in. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight-fitting, or anything sloppy and loose-fitting, for instance. You should feel comfortable during your interview; even ill-fitting clothes could pose a hindrance when it comes to giving your best interview. Your hair should be styled neatly; and if you wear makeup, make sure it looks tastefully done. If you wear jewelry wear simple, understated pieces that compliment your outfit. Bulky, clunky, or noisy jewelry can be a distraction both to you and others during the interview process. It is recommended that you also refrain from wearing perfumes or other scented products.

Show Your Punctual Side

In the world of job hunting, few things are worse than arriving late for an interview. Showing up on time is an absolute must. Make an effort to arrive15 to 20 minutes early. Even this can have an impact on how well you perform in your interview. Arriving a little early will give you a few extra minutes to collect your thoughts and to prepare yourself mentally before going into the interview room. More importantly, showing up on time lets a potential employer see that you are punctual and can be relied on.

Positive Attitude

Giving off positive vibes and showing a positive attitude is important during an interview. Employers are looking to hire people who can help foster a positive attitude in the workplace and help bring out the same in their coworkers. Be mindful of the disposition you’re showing them. Smile often, be cheerful, and always answer questions in the proper tone of voice.

Post-Interview Follow-Up

Follow up your interview with a thank-you note or email. This will show the potential employer that you can be courteous. That thank-you note can be another tool to help you stand out from other candidates; it can help keep your name foremost in the potential employer’s mind right along with giving a good interview.

At the end of the day, the cut-throat world of job searching requires that a job seeker has tough skin. Just because you haven’t yet found that job you’ve been so diligently searching for, doesn’t mean you should give up. Stay focused on your goals and be mindful of all the details in between. Remain tenacious no matter how many times you come up empty in your job search. Your ability to stay the course can make all the difference between being gainfully employed or not.