Emotional Intelligence Is A Woman

Women scored higher than men in all categories of emotional intelligence. All data suggest that those who achieve the highest scores in emotional and social intelligence are the most effective leaders in organizations, can influence others, manage conflict well, and develop their people .

So how can women acquire their skills to gain leadership positions? And how can organizations give trained women more equal opportunities for leadership positions?

The previous study collected data from 55,000 professionals from 90 countries and all levels of management between 2011 and 2015. Women have been shown to score higher than men in terms of self-awareness and empathy, and have a positive attitude. But women have also achieved high marks in coaching and mentoring, influence, teamwork and adaptability. The only component that men achieved was greater self-control than women. However, this means that men still leave women in management positions.

So how can women use their emotional intelligence skills to become better leaders?

Continue to develop and improve your emotional intelligence skills: Although data show that more women than men contribute to the development of these skills, not all women have developed much emotional and social intelligence. This can be helpful for those who want to focus on the following competencies as professionals and leaders: conflict management, influence, achievement orientation, and adaptability. The better these skills, the better.

Focus on self-control: Women’s brains are hardened to focus more on the emotional nature of things and nurture emotional space. The brain of men wanders to listen to the feelings and then to find a solution. While these differences exist naturally, women work to increase their self-control when it is in a position to make and make decisions about their emotional state or when they are able to regulate them. . What can we do. Breathing, meditation, walking etc. Tools such as those can help control emotions and bring more self-control to the situation.

While women can develop leadership skills, systemic changes are also needed to improve the ability of women leaders to advance in their careers. What can organizations do to improve systems that do not allow the best person and the best person to advance into leadership roles?

Find out which method women develop when they are given opportunities for emotional and social intelligence and prosperity, when organizations are achieving great potential, or when they are thinking about their succession plan, when they are emotional Receive intelligence components (there are several assessments of emotional intelligence). Once you know the skills you have, offer them leadership opportunities and keep them as a coach and tutor.

Create a system of awards and recognition. These types of skills, which you focus on and measure, grow. If you want to develop a system that values ​​the emotional intelligence skills needed to achieve more effective leadership, then you need to change those systems to manage performance. Important things such as teamwork, interpersonal skills and communication can be to support the growth and development of more women leaders in an organization.

In general, women can lean into their skills and develop them as a way to achieve lasting success and career success. Emotional intelligence is an important indicator of women’s success in organizations and, fortunately, like wines from New Zealand, emotional intelligence can develop with age and maturity. Based on valuable skills, women and organizations can help close the gender gap in leadership circles.