When organizations are making decisions, they are highly likely to rely on prior data that informs them of what has been happening in the past. From this, they are able to predict the future and therefore make wise decisions that are based upon facts.

Today, the advent of data science has given them an even bigger advantage by giving them big data analytics tools that are able to model how the future will be like.

As individuals though, we might not always have the access to reliable data that we could use to our advantage to decide on things. So, what do we do?

At most times, we dilly dally as we try to consult from different people to help us make the decision.

Sometimes though, we just cannot dilly dally. We just have to make snappy decisions that could end up affecting the rest of our lives.

Here is where intuition comes into play.

Intuition is a powerful tool, and while it’s not always the best option for making decisions, there are many instances where intuition can be life-changing.

The discovery of Teflon and penicillin for example have intuition to thank. The scientists who discovered them just followed their hunches and voila, two important chemicals were found out.

Understanding when to use your gut instincts in decision making is more than just following what feels right at that moment. Learn how you know if something isn’t right or wrong intuitively by paying attention to these three factors:

 1) The magnitude of feeling like this choice would go against everything I stand for

2) How much time my mind spends analyzing reasons why this might be an unfavorable outcome

3) What other people close to me think about the given situation – do they sense any red flags? By assessing all those aspects of our internal dialogue before heading down one path as opposed to another

What is intuition and how can it help you make better decisions in life?

It’s difficult to know what the right decision will be for your future. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that may give us insight into which paths might lead where we want them too. One way of doing this is by using our intuitive voice. Two, you could rely on a pyschic medium to tell you what is going to unfold in your life. With this, you will be in a position to know what step you need to take in your life today that will align you to that goal that you have set out to achieve.

Trusting your head vs your gut

At times, you will be faced by situations that your mind and logic tell you are right and that you are actually wasting time by not taking action. However, deep down your gut has all along been telling you not to take the plunge.

If you follow your brain at such times, you will find yourself in compromising situations which would have been avoided had you just trusted your gut instincts.

If you want to make decisions that are based on data and intuition, always have room for reflection. This way, you are able to invite in the power of gut instincts to guide you even as you rely on data and facts.