People generally view intuition as some magical form of insight because it has no known basis in scientific fact. It’s often seen as little more than a bad or good feeling about a person, place, or event. However, mental health professionals and researchers believe intuition is based on evidence and the subconscious mind’s ability to recall that data. Regardless of where intuition comes from, you can develop it better and use it to help you strengthen your romantic relationship with another.

Tips for Developing Intuition for Better Relationships


You can strengthen your intuitive senses by focusing on your thoughts as you observe others. Use this exercise to try to predict what actions the other individual will take. You can practice this at work, at home, or as you’re driving your car. Over time, you’ll notice that your predictions are correct more often than they’re wrong. As you develop this skill, you’ll better predict your partner’s actions in any given situation.


As you meditate, you turn your eye inward to observe your feelings and thoughts in a neutral setting. This type of personal inflection will help you scrutinize the recent events in your life. Often, when people come out of a meditative state, they have the solution to a problem or gain a greater understanding of a recent experience. This type of intuitiveness can be valuable in helping you confront situations with your partner.


Sometimes, intuition comes to us in the emotions, we feel rather than in concrete thoughts that can be put into words. Practice paying closer attention to your feelings and how they influence the events in your life. This will encourage you to follow them in new situations. If someone makes you feel uneasy, your intuitive senses may be understanding something about that person that your conscious mind is unable to pick up. People who pay closer attention to these feelings often seem lucky in love, business, or money.

Intuition helps everyone differently, but you can strengthen yours by maintaining a more conscientious mindset. Paying closer attention to the people and events in your life will help you create a more robust and more reliable intuitive sense. You can use this gift to help you deal with others in any situation.