Not many people will dispute the fact that it is important for parents to love, encourage and support their kids for them to grow up as healthy and well-adjusted individuals. It is also important that children learn how to create these feelings within themselves. When children grow while learning how to create positive feelings and beliefs for themselves, it’ll be much more difficult later in life for friends, family and toxic people to bring them down.

All children have to deal with unfavorable situations at certain times in their lives. If they feel bad about the situation, it may cause them to become more negatively motivated. Words of affirmation are meant to help our children think more positively about negative situations and work towards focusing on the positive. When feelings of sadness, anger and frustration try to dominate, the ability to focus on the positive things is critical for overcoming the situation.

Teaching Positive Affirmations

There are many benefits of teaching our children words of affirmation. As they grow and learn different behaviors, words of affirmation can be hardwired into their brains to create a nurturing self-belief in what is happening to themselves. Our belief systems get developed early on in life from our family, friends and our environment. Family members, friends, television, role models, advertising and magazines all play a role in how we learn to feel about ourselves.

How We Feel About Ourselves Is How We Develop

When people feel they are worthless, they start to behave like they are worthless. When people think they are special and loved by many, they will behave like they are loved and special. This is why it is important for parents to offer words of affirmation to their children as they grow to help them build a personal positive foundation in which to build on in the future. Once a child has a positive foundation, it’ll be more difficult for those foundations to be torn down by others.

Affirmations can be given to our children at any point during the day. From when they wake up in the morning to when they go to sleep at night, small affirmations can be given to help them foster a positive self-image. Even when you are strapping them into their toddler car seat, you can take the time to give them a little boost in confidence. Some kids get stressed when strapped into their toddler car seat and will need you to reassure them and teach them there is nothing to be afraid of.

Why Be Kind To Ourselves

Affirmations provide children the ability to learn to truly look at themselves and provide themselves with positive affirmations when needed. This leads us to another benefit a positive affirmation. People need to learn how to give themselves positive self-talk and treat themselves kindly. As we grow, it can be easy to speak to ourselves with criticism. This is harmful to our self-confidence and self-esteem. It can also lower our ability to be resilient to outside factors. When we teach our children to learn positive self-talk from a young age, it’ll help prevent them from learning self-criticism and remain strong because they have already created a positive belief system within themselves.

Affirmations Help Against Bullying

Bullying is a huge issue many children face around the world. To deal with situations with bullies, self-confidence is key. Positive affirmations help our kids keep a positive mind in bullying scenarios so they are not torn down. When children have been helped to develop a positive mental pathway, they can be more resilient after bullying situations and be able to cope and safeguard their self-esteem.

Some Positive Affirmations To Try With Your Children

•I’m so happy God chose to put you in our family.

•Your sense of humor is something that I love.

•My favorite job is being your mom.

•Nothing you ever do will make me stop loving you.

•You make me proud.

•I smile when I look at you.

•There is no one in the world who is like you, and that is wonderful. 

There are many other words of affirmation that you can use, in the end the words themselves will not be what benefits your children. They will feel the intentions which eventually will help them have a more positive outlook in life. They will learn to overcome hard things, a lesson for which they will be thankful for the rest of their lives.