sam hoss

Sam Hoss is a Canadian artist whose career has been gaining momentum and recognition after years of hard work and behind the scenes challenges.

Challenges = Inspiration

The backstory of Sam Hoss teaches us that even the scariest obstacles and challenges can be overcome with an attitude of persistence and a passionate heart. Moving from Tehran, Iran, to Canada at the age of 10, Hoss found himself immersed in a completely different world than what he was used to. He didn’t know any English when he landed in Canada, and had to work hard catching up to all of his peers whilst adapting to a new country and way of life. Considering his plans to become a successful rapper, he knew he has to have a strong command of the English language, and so put his head down, and dedicated himself to learning the language flawlessly. These seems like simple hurdles to beat but imagine just for a second what those must have looked in the eyes of a young kid who just left everything he knew, his motherland.

Throughout his early life, Hoss faced many challenges due to this sudden change of pace and turned to music in order to find his path and grow his knowledge and skills. That resilience was in his DNA and that proves one more time how individuals, of all classes, genres, nationalities and beginnings will have a chance to find their path if they stay resilient and have a rock solid confidence in their own vision. To become the man with a purpose he always knew he possessed. Music and creativity played an important role in Hoss’ life from a young age, his father being a singer and aunt a published poet. He knew this was the direction he wanted his life to go in, and drew inspiration from the likes of artists such as Russ and 50 cent, shaping his now unique sound which features modern flows and melodic hooks.

Keep Your Head Down, Focus On Your Craft

Lead with a passion for your craft and you will inspire others to do the same. Focus on your skills, on improving rather than how much money you’re making, and you’re sure to succeed. In today’s world, it is important not to get too wrapped up in the come-up, but to focus on improving, staying humble, and spreading positivity wherever possible. Socials made comparison inevitable but it’s our duty to focus on our own path and journey. We are all different and comparisons never benefit.

Hoss preaches keeping a positive mindset about everything surrounding life. He thinks one of the most important things about crafting a successful career in music is keeping positive people around you at all times, and being ruthless with cutting out negative influences, including people who drain your energy and have nothing positive to add. He thinks it’s smart to hustle in silence, not to take on anyone else’s bad attitudes or opinions about what you’re doing, but to keep your head down, and when to share the final product when it’s ready to be seen by the world. This optimistic, positive and grateful mindset will compound day after day and produce substantial results over time.

Listen To Your Gut

He believes in the power of family, and sticking together in order to lift each other up during tough times. Celebrating is key, no matter how small or big the success is. He names one of his biggest successes is being able to share his positive energy with everyone around the world, hoping to inspire anyone going through a dark time. He thinks the biggest lesson that is important for young artists to know is to never give up and to develop processes to work through the tough times, as it’s not always easy, but in the end, it’s always worth it. In conclusion, never take an obstacle as final but only as a stepping stone to progress further. Keep your circle small and qualitative, supporting each other no matter what. Consistency and perseverance have a compounding effect that will yield results. Inside of ourselves, we have a core, deep form of intelligence we often call “gut” that knows what’s our path and calling in life, we gotta listen to it.

Follow Sam on Instagram at @mrsamhoss and listen to his track “Problem” on Spotify