If you’re a leader, you might feel like you’re all alone on the top of a mountain, unsure of how to interact with the masses down in the valley below. The best way to overcome this feeling is by mingling with the crowd. Not only will this take care of your own feelings of isolation, but it will also bring about positive results. The most effective leaders are those who draw life from the masses to better their own output. Here are eight ways you can do just that.

Avoid Isolation

As a leader, you should never be alone for extended periods of time. There’s a reason society resents those who stay in their ivory towers. Your job as a leader is to be among the people you lead.

Seek New Ideas in Creative Ways

You should always encourage input during meetings, but you should also do much more. Having a dropbox for ideas will allow more timid members of your team to offer their insight.

Promote Group Success

A true leader always puts the team before themselves. Don’t focus on what works for you, but on what works for the group as a whole.

Be Open To New Ideas

When your team members voice their ideas or concerns, it’s imperative that you really, truly listen. That means entering the conversation with total humility and accepting that they’re coming at the issue from a different perspective that you would do well to understand.

Promote Conversations

A successful workplace is one in which team members talk often and openly about how to do things better. As a leader, it’s your job to make sure these discussions happen.

Stay Humble

You’ve been chosen as the leader for a reason. You’re sharp, competent, and kind. Acknowledge this fact without letting it get to your head. Confidence is key, but arrogance will poison your company.

Seek Out New Perspectives

Never settle for listening to the same voices. You should actively seek out opinions from those who could offer a unique point of view.

Provide Time For Innovation

Don’t expect team members to stop what they’re doing to bring you new ideas. Instead, set aside time for active group brainstorming.