Another year passed by and Valentine’s Day finds me single. A few years before, I was feeling miserable on Valentine’s Day and especially after my divorce. I was trying hard to survive the day by locking myself at home and avoiding going out. I was making fun of all those who were celebrating the day. The truth is that deep inside I was feeling lonely. Reading, coaching and personal development helped me to learn how to love and appreciate Valentine’s Day just like all the other days.

This year I’m still single and Valentine’s day finds me in beautiful London. I would like to share with you my feelings and thoughts for this day, especially with those who are also single and feeling lonely. If you focus on your personal development and start enjoying yourself more, then you won’t feel lonely anymore. Feeling good with yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t need a life partner! Of course you do! All of us would like to find true and real companionship in our life but if we can’t enjoy ourselves, we won’t be happy next to someone else.

One of the most important reasons that relationships are in crisis is communication. Most couples don’t communicate effectively with each other. Except of that, they are trying to impose their preferences to the others.

My Valentine’s present for you are a few tips that can empower your personal development and you can use them whenever you feel lonely.

  1. Read books, magazines, e-books and anything else that makes you feel comfortable instead of what is considered as sophisticated from the others. Simply choose your own kind of education.
  2. Hobbies – Start a hobby without thinking of your age. Just go for it. We keep limiting ourselves based again on others’ opinion.
  3. Meditation – Meditate every morning just for few minutes. Usually I meditate for 10-15 minutes. Try to focus on your breath (I will upload a video with my meditation on my YouTube channel).
  4. Surround yourself with like-minded people. This empowers your lifestyle and encourages you to move forward. Don’t spend your energy trying to explain to the others your way of thinking. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone.
  5. Travels – Traveling is not that expensive as you may think. I have invested a fortune on my travels but I have gained much more. I don’t care much about cars, huge houses and haute couture, but I care about gaining experiences, meeting other people and their culture and tasting their food. I used to find a way to travel even when I was broke.
  6. Management of your finances – Does this sound weird? Yet, your finance is relevant to your personal development. Through the proper management of your finances you get the chance to develop yourself and open your wings to fly. Being able to manage your finances will give you the feeling of freedom and success. You don’t need millions. All you have to do is managing whatever you are earning. Check out the financial coaching, it might be helpful.
  7. Love every cell of your body. After my health issues and after hearing the doctor telling me that I might need to travel to Israel in order to operate my isophagos, I thought that I was already dead. I “died” in a way but something brought me back to life. That moment I decided that I need to fix this issue on my own. I decided that I would be a doctor for myself by loving and cherishing my body. I am not trying to convince you to become a vegan, but becoming a vegan changed my entire life and improved my health. Plus I am protecting the environment by saving animals.

The last but not least point is to start loving YOU! Fall in love with yourself. Sheila, a very good friend of mine and fellow coach in Bermuda said to me during one of our conversations: “Nadia, you are not in love with that man, you are in love with love”. Oh boy, she was so right! So, you should try to fall in love with love, too. Be grateful that you are alive and able to walk; breathe and feel the breeze on your face. People ask me many times how comes and I am so smiley. Well, I smile because I am alive and healthy and every day I wake up and I get the chance to live a brand new day.

I promise you whenyour you accomplish all the above and fall in love with your own self, your body, face and inner soul, then that wonderful man or woman will show up and will be willing to stand next to you and share with you every moment.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nadia Themis
Life Coach/Motivational Speaker