Remembering Aretha Franklin's Life as a Loving Mother and Pioneering Artist

My mom will always be the love of my life who helped to mold me into the woman and mom I am today, but I want to speak about someone else who was part of that great village even as a child singing her songs with a brush, that is helping me right now at the present time as you read this.

This twentieth and 21st-century mentor, icon, my hero, a champ of 18 Grammys and the undisputed Queen of Soul, graced us with a voice that has given us perpetual satisfaction and motivation, however one that offers imperative life exercises that we can attract upon to respect her memory and sweeping effect on the world: Use quietude all the time. The world knew her a first name basis as the Queen of Soul, yet, Aretha remained very modest and as I watch her hundreds of video interviews, she truly was humbled ‘Child of God’, an indication of significance that is lost on the majority of the present self-made “pioneers.” The Queen, as I thought of her as, did not bit her tongue, not one bit, and when she had something to say you could not even be angry due to her being so humble!

Use your voice. Not only for singing. To revolt against unfairness and injustices to exhibit fortitude. I have found the older I am getting and the closer to God I get, He gives you the strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage. To propel basic freedoms. To help us discover basic dreams and ground. To help one another. To show R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Aretha was an impetus in the social equality development and exhibited an immovable obligation to attempting to kill separation dependent on race and past. We would all be able to go through our voices to remain against ism’s, persecution and minimization dependent on race, class, sex, sexual direction, age, capacity, religion, and any friendly character classifications that leave individuals powerless against hurt executed by prevailing gatherings or potentially control over structures.

Think for yourself and always be conscious of what is going on at all times. Like her hit song stated,” You Better Think! Maybe most broadly connected with The Blues Brothers film, Franklin’s “Think” tune needs to remain on auto rehash, so we make sure to continue to consider what our activities mean for individuals. We are fit for improving spot, however not on the off chance that we are skimming off the highest points of our feeds and succumbing to the dread-based informing that isolates us. At the point when we set aside the effort to think and create more prominent mindfulness and sympathy, we would all be able to encounter the sort of Freeeeeeeedom! Aretha sings about. Examination shows that when we use metacognition—the way toward pondering our reasoning, we are bound to prosper and flourish and divert our activities for positive impact.

Utilize your ability to your most elevated potential and if only I had listened to her advice when I was younger! The Queen said she utilized her blessings to the “highest degree possible.” Her life span as an artist and activist didn’t waver; rather she proceeded to make and contribute in manners that were so incredible, they will keep on moving us for quite a long time to come.

Yes, I hold a very high degree of respect for the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, and much thanks to you, Aretha for giving such a huge amount to us, then and now to keep your great legacy living on amongst the future generations to come where we will continue your legacy for striving and honoring your legacy and humbleness of humility. Your voice lives on as we endeavor to respect your tradition of quietude, advocacy, and taking a stab at equality and social change.


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