Some of the most important life lessons are not communicated through books or big ‘movie-style’ moments. They come to us in little ways as we spend our time doing things we love. A footballer will tell you about the importance of teamwork and healthy competition. A painter could tell you about planning and perspective.

But us golfers have a different mindset. Golf is an art form as much a sport – a meditation as well as an activity. The experiences we have are unique to each golfer. And from that, the life-lessons we learn are as unique as the sport itself. Here are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned over the years.


In a solo sport like golf, you may find yourself in a much more meditative mindset than if you were playing football or tennis. Many golfers find themselves much more comfortable in the calm atmosphere of the green.

There is always a time and place for a raucous event, but a golf pro will know better than most that if you have a goal for yourself, the best way to achieve is to spend some quiet time to focus, breath, and plan.


Anyone who has been on a golf green knows that it’s easy to lose track of a small goal.  Getting off track – into the rough – can feel like you’ve ruined the chance of completing. But golfers know the importance of seeing the big picture.

Pushing through and taking the process step-by-step will find you sinking your putt in no time – even if you start off overwhelmed by how far away it feels.


Even the greatest golfer will end up in the rough sometimes. An inevitable part of life is making setbacks, mistakes, and finding yourself discouraged. But there is always a way out. With the right tools and knowledge, you can work around the roughest of terrain. It just takes patience, focus, and a cool head.

These are a few of the life lessons that I’ve found myself prioritizing as a golfer. The things that I’ve pulled from my hobby and lived my life by. But I believe that golf is an experience that is truly unique to each of us who play it. So what life lessons have you learned from golf? What have you learned and worked into your life? 

This blog was originally published on James Crickmore’s website.