Some of us adults think that we have life all figured out. We look at our childhood and think of how foolish we once were. However, adopting some childish habits can greatly help us in our more mature stages of life. Below are six life lessons we can learn from kids.

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1.    They ask a lot of “dumb” questions

Some kids love the word “why”. No matter what we answer them, they reply with another question. Although it may seem annoying, this is a crucial part of their learning process.

As we grow up, we stop asking questions. We believe our questions are too dumb and would make us look stupid in front of others. We have to understand that when we stop asking questions, we stop learning.

2.    Their imagination is unlimited

Children have no concept of impossibilities. Even if they’re told something is not possible, they still try to do it. This is something we, as adults, lack. We give up on ideas without even trying them, and that squanders so many possibilities.

Children also have an infinite imagination. They don’t care if their ideas are practical or not. They think out of the box and aren’t afraid to share their ideas with others.

I picked up photography and creative direction to maintain my sense of wonder and imagination.

3.    They don’t hold grudges

Kids fight all the time. Yet, none of their fights lasts any longer than a few minutes. Soon after fighting, kids resume playing together as if nothing happened.

Adults, on the other hand, hold grudges and are too proud to forgive and forget. Imagine if adults start behaving like kids in this manner! Nobody would have any enemies, and everyone would be our friend.

4.    They don’t let failure deter them

Part of the reason kids are so good at learning new things is that they don’t give up easily. When a child is learning to ride a bike, they keep getting back up even after falling countless times. They don’t stop until they learn to ride it perfectly.

Most adults fail to achieve their dreams because they give up too easily. It takes just one failure for them to abandon their dreams and move on. An adult having the tenacity of a child can be unstoppable.

5.    They don’t sit still

Kids are highly energetic and spend their whole day playing, running, or doing something physical. While an adult would have no problem lying on a couch all day, it’s hard for a child to sit still for too long.

Since most adult health issues arise from a sedentary routine, having such a dynamic lifestyle can positively affect our physical well-being.

6.    They don’t hide their emotions

When kids get sad, they cry; when they’re happy, they laugh. The fact that they don’t hide their emotions is the reason why they are so pure. On the other hand, grown-ups hardly ever let their emotions show.

People who aren’t afraid to show emotions are seen as trustworthy and reliable. Crying is proven to help reduce depression and sadness. Laughing and smiling releases happiness-inducing chemicals in our brains. For a happier life, we need to show our emotions like children.