Building great relationships is so essential to having success in life and business.

If you look at the greats, there are always individuals in their life with whom they collaborated to create big success.

No one does anything great in life by themselves, at some point, even the most hermetic scientists and philosophers will lean on the marketing skills of distributors to share their philosophies and theorems.

Building relationships is essential if you want to have success in life & business and grow to the next level.

As the founder of Leave Normal Behind, the modern-day renaissance, I am always speaking with individuals who are becoming the best version of themselves and creating things that matter.

In this article I will share 3 ways to build great relationships that I learned from my conversation with cannabis culture heavyweight Adam ILL.

Adam ILL has become a well-known voice in the cannabis industry. Growing his brand with the longest-running cannabis podcast ‘The Potcast’, Adam ILL is a leading trailblazer within cannabis culture.

Adam hosts various events like the High Times Cannabis Cups and The Secret Sesh. Adam ILLs’ success is tied to his passion for cannabis and the community.

I want to share some tips of relationship-building success that Adam shared with me. Building relationships has been key to his momentum and success that has given him success in the cannabis industry for over a decade.

He is always focused on keeping people entertained and educated. The integrity of the culture is crucial to his work in the community and in his collaborations.

Adam ILL hosting a festival w/ Multi-Platinum Recording Artist Swae Lee

One of the reasons Adam loves cannabis is the social aspect. When building relationships, Adam advises to be original and genuine. Being yourself is so important.

Someone once taught me, “When people buy into you, they buy into everything that you do.”

Building connections from smoking and conversing together is at the heart of the work. Respect the plant, culture, and community and you’ll be on your way to a successful career in the eyes of Adam ILL.

He does weekly Instagram lives on the @TopTree account, one of the leading cannabis media pages on Instagram with over 1,000,000 followers. In addition Adam has forged partnerships with industry leader Focus V for his custom vaporizers, premium cultivation brands LA Kush for his signature strain iLL OG, and DabNation for his newest show titled Highest Shopping Network where he’ll be showcasing the latest in cannabis products, glassware, and tech. 

Adam iLL has mastered the art of collaborations by fusing his passions for cannabis and culture.

Here are 3 Ways That You Can Build Valuable Relationships: 

  1. Care about people
    • Show people that you genuinely care about them through your actions, not just your words. If you can get along and work together then the project is easier. In addition, you are referred to others as well because you’ve built a solid reputation.
  2. Don’t be selfish with your compensation 
    • Pay people what they are worth, it goes a long way. If you are not able to pay them monetarily then think of ways that you can create WIN-WIN situations for them and you. Always negotiate what you want, yet do not take advantage of others… ever.
  3. Don’t burn bridges with any contacts ever
    • You never know where people will end up in the future. It’s not cool to hold grudges or have bad blood with people. Be graceful in all of your dealings. Apologize when needed and learn when to move on without causing damage.
  4. Be original & passionate about what you’re trying to do
    • If you’re not passionate then it turns into work and no one likes work.
    • Add culture and lifestyle to it. Organic and real. Authenticity is key to building you deep relationships.

As the timeless saying goes, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” Or another, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Be someone that is awesome to be around and you will quickly find yourself around other awesome people.

Find the balance of who you can relate with based on the values that you share.


No matter what industry you are in, you can find value in the fundamental relationship-building principles that Adam shares in this article.

Commit to learning the craft of the work you choose to do. This will give you credibility in every room that you step into. If you are focused on your craft, then others will know based on your skills, energy, and creations.

Add culture and lifestyle to it. Organic is real. Authenticity is key.

It builds you deep relationships and enables you to leave normal behind.

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  • Rob Fajardo

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