“The work routine has undergone changes in its configuration in recent years due to globalization. One of these new configurations is the home-office , a form of work that emerged around the 1970s and which has become a growing trend, especially in times of covid-19″ Says Pushkar Raj Thakur

Pushkar Raj Adds “Since March 2020, the world is experiencing the tensions of dealing with a pandemic. One of the primary guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the main health agencies on the planet was social isolation and, as a result, many people were displaced to the home-office “.

Working from home was and is being a challenge for many of those who were accustomed to a routine within companies and, even for those who already worked in this format, there were also changes. Remote work is an alternative that allows more freedom, greater quality of life, living with the family and flexible working hours, however, there are several implications that were already a reality for teleworkers even before the pandemic and that can aggravate mental health problems. , such as the lack of well-established boundaries between the professional and other aspects of life, isolation, loneliness, stress and Burnout syndrome.

Below are the five tips by Pushkar Raj Thakur to make your home-office more peaceful!

Keep socializing

Being at home is, of course, totally different from being surrounded by fellow collaborators. Take short breaks to interact with people and try to vary the conversation guidelines so as not to create a cycle that adds the pressure and stress of your colleagues to your anxiety.

Move yourself!

Exercise every day. Avoid sitting for a long time and enjoy the little moments to move around: go up stairs, tidy and clean the house, put on a sound and dance, play with the kids and animals, walk around the house while on the phone and look for an activity that can be inserted into your routine at home with pleasure and without great efforts. After all, the home-office and the pandemic are enough!

Eat well

Healthy eating is fundamental for physical and mental well-being! Take the opportunity to prepare your own meals and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Invest in self-care

There must be a reward for the effort of working at home and isolation. Invest in practices that make you feel better about yourself and your craft. A better chair, a decorative object or a plant to stay at your place of work can improve your daily life.

Think positive to organize better Do you

know that story about half a full glass or half an empty glass? The situation of remote work is well out there. On the one hand, you can see that working at home makes the professional and the personal mix in a way that adds even more anxiety and stress to the routine. On the other hand, you may think that the management of your time is generally up to you and look for the best way to optimize the moments dedicated to work, socialization and family life.

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