Vassilios Bitsas is the Executive vice president of management at Wealth Garden Entertainment, a brand that helps firms scale and attain their goals. 

In this article, Vassilios shares the tips he has used to overcome stress over the years and achieve success in his industry. 

Avoiding Stress And Burnout

Stress is something we all dread; and it’s usually caused by pressure from work, friends, and family members. When we are stressed, our work output suffers and our health takes a tumble. 

To help reduce the effects of stress, Vassilios recommends that you take a breather when everything seems to be going differently from what you planned. This helps you access the situation at hand and figure out what you need to do in order to get out of the ditch. 

He also suggests partaking in activities such as sports and video gaming, as taking time off work has been known to reduce stress levels. 

Overcoming Obstacles

One of the major obstacles Vassilios faced was getting his brand noticed after the fall of the Video sharing platform Vine. He also experienced issues when it came to authenticity as a lot of individuals were impersonating him. 

Vassilios was able to overcome all of these by focusing on scaling his personal brand and providing as much value as possible to each of his clients. Over time, he amassed a huge client base, mainly from referrals and word of mouth.

Sparking Motivation 

When asked where his source of inspiration to keep pushing his firm forward comes from, Vassilios hinted at the love for what he does. 

He genuinely enjoys his job and helping his clients out with their problems. Vassilios understands that profit and earnings are essential in running a successful business, but as someone who believes in following one’s passion, he would never partake in any job that won’t fulfill his need to be happy. 

Words Of Advice From Vasillios

If you just set out on your journey to success, here’s a piece of advice from Vassilios himself to help you out;

“Don’t give up, it’s a hard industry to get in, just gotta stay focused and connect with everyone, always opportunities out there.

You should also adopt habits such as scheduling and planning as this will take your productivity to the next level. And most importantly, live a balanced lifestyle, eat healthily and don’t forget to take care of yourself “


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