I’ve been to Vegas seven times. 

For five of them, I went as a drinking party girl. 

For one, I was doing a sober curious experiment.

On my most recent trip, I arrived in Vegas as a happy, healthy, comfortable, non drinker.

There is such a thing, and I am proof of it.

I have enjoying my alcohol free lifestyle, so much, I made it my career.

I have evolved into a Certified Professional Recovery and Life Coach, a Business Owner, Sober Influencer, Alcohol Free Advocate, Coach Recruiter,  and Corporate Wellness Consultant with almost 4 years of sobriety under my belt.

I am here to tell you that Vegas is better sober.

I know this is hard to believe.

I’ve done Vegas like a train wreck.

I always felt like I should have been having more fun than I actually was.

I felt like I should be somewhere else, I was never content in the moment I was in. 

I had FOMO.

I wanted to be everywhere at once. 

I was often irritated that the drinks didn’t come fast enough.

I’d roll days and nights without sleep.

I felt like garbage but just kept going, going, going.

I was faking fun and excitement when I had a headache and felt nauseous most of the time.

I was always in a rush, in a hurry, trying to fit it all in.

I was running along the edges, never taking a deep dive into the experience, always a little disconnected from what I was doing and from myself. 

It’s not like that anymore.

I am now fully present, awake, alive, and enthusiastic. 

I am in a better mood when not in a constant state of panic and physical illness.

There is so much more to do, see, and experience, when getting alcohol isn’t the primary focus.

I didn’t place one bet or have one sip of alcohol on this trip.

Instead, I had delicious, healthy, fancy, spicy drinks all over Sin City.

I ate the best food, and it all tastes better when you are completely sober! 

I enjoyed exotic, delicious tastes and flavors in the best atmosphere.

I danced my tail off, I hit all the best clubs and lounges.

I had 2 pool days and a spa day.

The. Best.

I wasn’t detoxing from the night, week, month, or year of drinking.

I was instead enjoying the serenity on a date with myself. 

Imagine how good it feels to be fully hydrated and bringing your healthiest self to the spa for reward and pleasure, instead of hangover detox?

I saw a live free concert in a small theater by KT Tundstall and Macklemore with an audience of recovered people. 

(The nicest, most energetic crowd I have ever been in!) 

You don’t need alcohol to enjoy music. 

Anyone who’s seen Macklemore skipping around a stage with trombones playing in the background can see that. 

I went to all the fancy bars and clubs and I drank

(see my blog What to do in Vegas When You’re Sober

I walked through the Bellagio conservatory, and watched the Bellagio Fountains in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I stayed up late.

I woke up early. 

I wore a lot of makeup.

I dressed up in shiny clothes.

I felt happy, peppy, party energy!

Here’s what I didn’t do: 

I never once abandoned myself or acted out of character. 

I felt clean and pretty and healthy and whole. 

I didn’t lose self esteem.

I didn’t wake up with hangxiety or shame. 

I didn’t come home like a train wreck.

It was my best trip to Vegas yet.

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