Make the Most of What They Give Up

Whether they are a family member, friend or neighbor, we all know someone who has proudly served our country as part of the Armed Forces either in the Guard, the Reserves, or Active Duty in times of peace at home, deployed abroad to protect our national interests and/or allies, or in combat. These Veterans not only deserve our thanks gratitude but our imitation of their service.

Our veterans would first be formally honored with a national holiday known as Armistice Day marking the conclusion of World War I. Later following World War II and the Korean War President Eisenhower renamed the holiday Veterans Day making it much of what it is today – a day to recognize all the men and women who have served or are serving their country as members of the Armed Forces and especially combat Veterans.

Throughout history, veterans have given up many of the privileges civilians enjoy in their daily lives and put their lives on hold to serve and protect our country. They leave their families and may be gone for extended periods of time under undesirable circumstances. Veterans often re-enlist because they are drawn by their character to continue protecting and serving their country.  Veterans are often the real-life, untold heroes and protectors of the United States.

The strength of our Veterans service has and continues to underpin our American way of life.    Veterans have protected our rights making the democratic and economic systems the Constitution envisioned by the Founders possible. A system that allows Americans to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Through their service and presence Veteran’s have both quietly and actively implemented  policy on foreign affairs and have fostered democracy throughout the world. Today they engage in more humanitarian operations than ever before. They are also tasked with providing aid and services to our communities in times of emergency. They are some of the first responders providing medical aid, food, and water during disasters on both foreign and American soil.

As  citizens, we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to our veterans. They are responsible for protecting our values and promoting peace and prosperity throughout the world.

There are roughly 20 million veterans currently living in the United State. It is important to do more than just thank our veterans for their service whether it be Veterans Day or any other day of the year. As they retire from active service, return home from a deployment, or just carry out their service with domestic assignments their experience, knowledge, and strength is a continuing asset that reinforces our communities.

Their service and example holds a greater significance than is often recognized. The model of their commitment exemplifies a mindset that can be used to improve our own communities. Their willingness to serve and sacrifice if needed, their commitment to training, excellence, and honor are strong examples of leadership that we can all emulate in our own lives and careers to make the most of what they are serving to protect.

So rather than just say “Thank you for your service”, on Veterans Day, lets make the most of what they have done and continue to do for us by striving for the same excellence in our communities.