Being creative takes effort. Even the most naturally creative individuals run out of imagination now and again, especially when their entire career depends on their continuous creative output. To help you tap into your creativity, consider these tips. Remember to be patient and open to exploring things even if they don’t work right away.

The biggest detriment to your creativity is the belief that it’s lost, or you never had any to start with. Although some are more imaginative than others by default, everyone has the ability to unlock inspiring, new ways of thinking about the world.


While creativity is synonymous with mental liberation for many, it is nearly useless without direction and discipline. Self-discipline helps guide creativity, giving it structure and application to help you reach your goals.

There is no shortage of creative stimulation today, but it can also become overwhelming. Too much input leads to confusion and, ultimately, avoidance. To avoid this, set a schedule, limit your stimulation and set aside time to create without interruption.


Creative input and output may not always be equal, but they require a symbiotic relationship to thrive. In order to fully unleash your creativity, you must be willing to learn from others and seek out new sources of inspiration. Without stimulation, creativity dwindles and output either ceases or diminishes in quality.

A rotating schedule that allows you to indulge in creative consumption and create your own work is the best way to keep the scales even.


Personal talents are a natural spring of creativity, but setbacks hold value as well. Using artistic expression to creatively heal from trauma and personal barriers is incredibly cathartic and inspiring. Using personal qualities and life experiences as muses will allow you to infuse your work with raw authenticity. It may not always look exactly how you like, but it will be distinctly you, a quality that creativity is grounded in.


What is a creative project you would do in a heartbeat if you believed your talent was good enough? Do that project. Whether it’s making a short film, writing a book or releasing a poetry collection, begin to tackle the creative goals that inspire and terrify you simultaneously. These are the projects that will require the most creative effort, and tapping into your imagination will push you to new heights that help you realize your fullest potential.