An Article On Avoiding Stress And Overcoming Obstacles.

Victor Fontanez is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who’s crafted his niche is the haircut industry. In this article, we will learn the tips and tricks Victor has used to achieve success and beat stress in his daily activities.

Beating Stress

Personal time and balance is something Victor doesn’t joke with. He shares with us that it’s important to remember to take time for activities we do outside of work. 

It’s good to set out some days for rest; actual days off. On those days, you should stay off your phone and relax. 

Another thing Victor recommends is to pick up a hobby. It could be something as simple as reading, or you could go full throttle and visit the gym everyday. Anything that could get you off work and help your mind relax.

Overcoming Obstacles

On his way to the top, Victor faced a lot of obstacles. He had to give up being a kid and moved away from his family and friends to make sure he realized his dream. 

Victor recalls that he also faced criticism from his parents when he decided to cut hair instead of attending college. Victor stood firm with his decision and shares that God gave him that vision. 

Victor overcame all these obstacles by exercising faith. He acknowledged the signs God gave him and ensured he took all the opportunities he was given. He made the necessary sacrifices and didn’t stray from the path he had envisioned. He gave up what’s good for the greatness that awaited him.

Avoiding Burnout 

Burnout is a situation where we are completely exhausted, both physically and mentally. It’s a lot more dangerous than stress. 

To avoid burnout, Victor moves at a pace. He never tries to force things to happen when they aren’t meant to. 

“If you remove the first E from the word ” Peace,” you get Pace, as long as we keep a consistent pace for our goals, they will be achieved, and on top of that, we will keep our peace.”

Apart from setting a pace for his goals, Victor also loves cleaning his barbershop and his house. Whenever he feels overwhelmed from work, he cleans, and this always gives him the much needed time he needs to sit down and re-evaluate his life.


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