I am from a rather conservative society set up where society norms are cast on stone. Men ought to be patriachal doing serious stuff and never to be seen as emotional or teary. Women can be teary and do the nurturing jobs. And so when my mother found out that I always relax watching video games and playing online games, she was devastated. She felt that I was letting her down and I needed to seriously grow up.

And she is not alone. In a study conducted by Pew Research Center, 26% of the people interviewed thought that video games are a waste of time and it is only the lazy idlers who will engage in them. But with me, I believe that they help me relax and cool off after a long day at work.

Video Games Help You Relax

After work, I always want to sit in front of the computer and spend a few hours watching one video game and the practice has made me to relax and feel great even if work was tough during the day.

Video Games Help in Creative Thinking

Video gamers have been found to be more creative and better in problem solving as compared to their counterparts who do not engage in the said games. So when you want to sharpen your problem solving skills, maybe you could grab an anime from The One Punch Store and see how everything goes after.

Video Games Could Improve your vision

Video games can help you with vision since you are able to watch very many hues at the same time which reduces the strain in the eyes. Watching them for long or in the wee hours of the night though will not be good and could affect you in the long run.

Video games help with socializing

When you watch video games with friends, you tend to discuss and therefore communicate a lot on the same ending up becoming more sociable than you were before. You might also want to do some online reviews and meet other friends who watch the same animes and have something to talk about.