Perk up the entire video processing with VideoProc irrespective of the size and type of video you want to process!

Want to process your favorite video faster than ever? Or love to edit and convert your large videos recorded by active camera like GoPro, DJI or iPhone with lease cost and time? Then nothing is far away from you with VideoProc.

Why use VideoProc to process GoPro (4K) videos?

Are you suffering from the too heavy resources and complex method of GoPro 4K video processing and editing? Now get rid of this pain through the ultimate solution of VideoProc.

1, Super fast speed

Being number one in performance and speed,VideoProcprocessing allows you the heavy smooth (4K) video editing in addition to transcoding with no compromise on quality.

As it is level-3 hardware acceleration with Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs, give you the high-quality result and smooth 4K video editing and transcoding speed.

Prevent the overheating of your PC while encoding video, as it consumes minimal of CPU usage. Truly it’s matchless hardware-accelerated video processing!

With the perfect blend of CPU & GPU of your PC, it achieves the 47x faster speed than real time. Therefore it’s well-organized with the full hardware acceleration quality.

2, Easy to Use

Rather you are a newbie or expert to process and edit the 4K or HEVC videos,VideoProcproves to be the video processing software that edits, transcodes and resizes all types of videos with the easiest steps.

To process and edit GoPro 4k videos the latest tech VideoProc makes possible the simple processing with least effort. Plus with its enhanced features, this software is lightweight on all resources.

3, Easy GoPro 4K Video Editing

  • Cut and trim footage by keeping only favorite segment.
  • Rip outsized videos into little parts repeatedly
  • Plainly you can crop video to get rid of useless parts.
  • Rotate and mirror the video, help it get the best visual effect.
  • Add different effect; make your video more interesting.
  • Allow Watermark.
  • It automatically chooses the best output format for you.
  • Provide you  “easy to navigate” option
  • More “toolbox”, like “Deshake”, it is effective tool to stabilize GoPro shaky videos. And the removal of Fisheye look and extract the part/segment of the video as per your desire.
  • High-quality processing
  • Zero noise

Free download trial

By taking the load off CPU for processing and editing 4K UHD & slo-mo videos, VideoProc stands out as the best “cooler and quieter PC”    rather you are using GoPro action camera and DJI drone or any other camera.

For all its uses and enhanced performance just click on theFree Download for the free trial. Have fun of notable processing of videos!

Well, to process your favorite video from iPhone or GoPro or Drone or other digital camera or CD is uncomplicated with it.Below is the steps on how to edit GoPro 4K videos:

How to Process and Edit GoPro 4K Videos with VideoProc

Step 1:launch the VideoProcand click on the “video button”.

Step2: drag this 4K video.

Step 3: pick the format that loves to have for better output.

The developers have suggested some popular video format in the list. You can click “Target Format” to view all lists.

Besides, you may freely save the genuine 4K resolution as per your need.

Also, you may store it as downscale -1080p or 720p or even smaller than of it. Click “Option” button to get the resolutions details.

Step 4: GoPro 4K video editing.

There are two ways to lead in the “Edit Video” section:

Video Rotate:

Add effects:

Add subtitle:

Cut video into clips:


Add watermark with text or image:

All this processing takes only a couple of minutes to make your video ready to enjoy on the screen of your choice.  Here are Six Methods to Resize GoPro 4K Video Without Quality Loss>

Other Main features of VideoProc

1, Improved DVD Video Converter

You may convert the DVDs into the other formats. It enables you to back up all the target DVD discs. With its friendly interface, you may convert DVD to MP4 file, watch your target DVD only by selecting phone or maker from the list.

Similarly, you can store it on NAS for simple access. For detail preservation, it will ensure you 1:1 copy mode.

2, Efficient Video downloader

How to download the video that you like to edit online?With remarkable tool –downloader you may achieve it easily.

Just copy & paste the URL from any website (YouTube or Facebook or other) with the target resolution and format. You may have the 4K if you are using the unique video in Ultra HD.

Other than this you may convert the downloaded video into MP4 or other formats too.

The most enhanced feature of VideoProc is that you may download the whole channel plus “watch later playlist” if you are using the YouTube account. VideoProc ought to process your video files in the smaller size simply by using HEVC format. Even if you want to all the minor details you can edit the footage afterward.

For 4k resolution of the video you need to use either the time-lapse or slo-mo modes.

3, Superior recorder

Lovely to record directly from the PC’s screen! With its better tool –recorder you may feed video from your webcam also. Yet you may have PC screen video recording along with video feed from the webcam.

VideoProc makes possible the creation of your tutorial video for YouTube. Also, you may record some gameplay with the thumbnail of your face from a webcam. Nothing is far away from this VideoProc!

Ultimately you may convert or transcode the video in the format you like the most after recording.


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