Are you trying visualization right now? Are you visualizing your goals and not getting the results that you really want? Do you want to learn different techniques to achieve powerful visualization? Spend time in creating vision, free yourself from negative things, and bring your attention to the success of your goals. Don’t compare your achievement to others, days and night may be hard, but set your expectancy high and scatter the power of visualization.

What Is Visualization?

Visualization is the practice of visualizing in your mind and using your imagination to project forward in time of the things that you want. By the use of visualization, people will start to imagine success and achieve a future with positive outcomes. One of the things that I work with my 30k Income Secrets and my Elite Inner Circle clients is this process of what I call,  going from your CPR to your NDR.

CPR is your Current Perceived Reality

  • That’s where you think you are right now today.
  • That’s where you have the time, the energy, the relationships and the money that you have.

NDR is your New Desired Reality

  • That’s your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • That’s where you have more time to enjoy the things you really want to do.
  • More energy so that you can actually enjoy life.
  • Better relationships so you have the people around you, 
  • Your life and business that make you happy and feel fulfilled and joyful.
  • More money so that you can enjoy the finer things in life.
  • A week of sitting in a theater and taking a break.

Do you want to have more time, more energy, better relationships, and more money? Do you want to experience your daily life as bright as morning and feel complete from day to day? One of the things that I teach is 30K Income Secrets Elite and Inner Circle which are both coaching products of Noah is to practice writing down the things that you want. Write that down, get very clear on your goals, get very clear on what it is that you want. Feed the subconscious with positive visualization that may result in motivation on performing the dreams you visualize.

The goal is, I want to make 30,000 in my online business. Now with the visualization, just picture the image in your mind. imagine yourself growing old, arms and hands are tired, drinking coffee while thinking about the photograph of your family and friends. Imagine that you’re finally experiencing living a vivid life as you aged, set that positive affirmation you’ve learned and focus on meditation.

  • Picture when you have all that money.
  • Picture to yourself driving a new car.
  • Picture that house that you’re gonna buy with all that money.
  • Picture the moment you’re on a vacation.

Visualize it, you’re obviously not doing something right because you’re not visualizing it well enough that’s why you don’t have it right now. Visualize it, put some energy, put emotion into it. Avoid that negative feeling, exercise your brain to gain positive development that will guide you to create strong sensation and improve visualization.

Why Don’t I Have What I Want?

It’s actually very simple, the reason that’s never going to work is because they never told you how to actually get what you want. there’s something in between your CPR and your NDR, there’s actually something between it and it’s what I call a gap. There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be. If there wasn’t a gap then you’d already be there wouldn’t you?

What I’ve been teaching my coaching clients for over two decades is that most human beings are unknowingly, unconsciously, and unwittingly driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake and if you’re driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake, how long is going to take you to get to your destination? it’s going to take you a long time, in fact you might never even get there. life isn’t a marathon, but remember that your office wouldn’t pay your lifetime bills. Plot your life and select positive people, you’ll notice super positive dashboard plans ahead of you.

  • That’s one of the big reasons that my clients make so much money. 
  • That’s one reason that I felt my clients add six figures, multiple figures to their businesses and have more time, more energy better, relationships and more money all while working less.

It’s quite a dream to spend your excess time with family without worrying about money. Remember I want to remind you that there’s nothing actually wrong with visualization, I think it’s great that you are visualizing and filling in your body but if you don’t have the steps and if you have the three gaps, nothing will manifest. The different types of category are ready to be on fields of motions, the visions and goals should be visible in the eyes of the public, a vision needs to be supported and should serve as a break for you.

Live life with a direction, sounds easy to do but loud enough to visualize the hard process to achieve the positive affirmations you’ve dreamt about. Being successful doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye, look at the eyes of the athletes, they train during spring, summer, fall, and winter to achieve that visualization of success. In times of precipitation, achieving success easily fades. However, the ability to target a wide range of imagery and visualization offers representation of completed career and elevation of excitement powers your actions.

Three Gaps You Can Have

1. Knowledge Gap

– That means I don’t know what to do.

– I’m not sure what to do to actually reach my NDR

2. Skills Gap

– I don’t know how to get there maybe.

– I know what to do but i don’t have the right tools. 

– I don’t really know how to get there.

3. Belief Gap

– I probably can’t even do it anyway so why bother.

– You know what I think I’ll just go watch some T.V.

A Belief Gap is the thing about your head dressed, it says I can’t do it because. The statement that would harness you from your cell and sentence you with a negative life.

  • I want all those things you just talked about but I don’t have the time. 
  • It’s going to be too hard. 
  • I’m not a technology person, I don’t want to get stuck in all the tech stuff. 
  • I don’t have a lot of time.
  • I don’t have a lot of money.
  • I’ve tried everything else
  • I’ve been lied to before, the gurus lied to me and ripped me off so I’ll just stay right where I am.

Are you thinking, What Are You Going to Make Yourself?

  • If you say you don’t have the time, you won’t have the time.
  • If you say you don’t have the money, you won’t have the money.
  • If you say you can’t do it you’re going to make yourself right. 

Previous moments that map your fears from your decisions, achieving those maximum mistakes that moved your sensations to the right position. It only takes a couple of pieces of advice to make your sight right, it may not release perfectly but it can change poor decisions in life to start wearing positive visualizations.

People learned that no matter what season or temperature a day is, visualization of our goals estimates our presentation that should result with a provisional step from the accumulated technique from the power of visualization. Create the positive dashboards you want to plant, fill your desk with powerful motivation and most importantly, picture the trends that level up the minimum trend to a maximum trend.

That’s what millions of people are suffering from, poisoning and repeating mistakes that increase fear be trained. Do you have one of those gaps, do you have a knowledge gap, skills gap, and belief gap. What you really need is to have what we call the three pillars of transformation, that’s what’s going to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Keep your souls and brains motivated to earn chances that involve the benefits of achieving your goals.

The Three Pillars Of Transformation

1. The Right Plan

– You need to know what to do.

2. The Right Tools

– You need to know how to do it.

3. The Right Support

– You actually need someone in your corner believing in you before you believe in yourself.

Get yourself a confident team and be interactive, explore specific exercises to grow, be united with success and walk relaxed and repeat the vision you pictures. That’s one of the biggest things that I do for my clients and one of the biggest reasons that my clients have made over 2.7 billion dollars since 1997 is because I am the person in your corner believing in you before you even believe in yourself. The consistent training, stronger mental, and effective visualizations will be leading us with a confident sound of success and positive affirmations.

According to a data, the average mortality rates of birth and death is caused by increasing changes that occur overtime. To avoid countless deaths, people should aim on the improvement of the resources. Not only would this help us achieve the principles of our goals, this would also activate the benefit for the people. Overdose your minutes for a period of time with positive visualization in achieving the vision of your soul. 

The annual patterns people need to include to properly focus on the positive outcome is to set goals based on what you really want to achieve and you’ll finish the vision on perfect timing.

People have the visualizations tool to manifest an individual to hear examples of visions, creative visions that would instantly keep them running and aim for winning that goal of success. the detailed scientific method on how visualization manifests on people can be found in different software such as windows explorer.

The purpose of envisioning positive outcomes is to know the impact of Imagining and picturing change for the environment including the people itself. Visualization of change that would create effective and relative programs to map out plan of performance and recommendation needed to manifest. The list of feelings I picture during a competition like business, creates an adjusted feeling of nervousness. Visual increases the ideal motion needed to manifest to be confidently focused on your personal senses.


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