Recently I turned 30. For a long time, I had not taken time to think about what I needed to have done at this age. I mean, it has been all work, spending time with family and fixing the time to travel to those desired destinations. Not that it has been a bed of roses. No. I just learned to walk down this loud winding path that is life quietly. 


My birthday got me reflecting on my past and struggles to this age. I found out, and luckily for me, that I have indeed become content with my life. I am bolder with my decisions, confident with what I want in life, and clear on how I intend to achieve my targets.

I have often read books on how to attain happiness and success. It is no doubt many practical tips can put you ahead of the pack. However, your happiness and success majorly depend on a personal approach to life issues and a unique way of dealing with your struggles.

At 30, it seems, and rightly so, that there are still many years ahead. Nonetheless, what is subtle are the numerous vital life lessons I have gathered for all those years. I hope by sharing them, they will become useful to you just as they have been to me.


The best way we can remember and pay respect to those who came before us is by learning from them. They should be our primary source of inspiration. Life has taught me several times that the best solutions to life’s puzzles are practical examples. There are no better and more proven ways to solve your problems than by listening to the wisdom of the old. Their life experiences alone should be enough inspiration for us to stay positive each day.

Listen to loads of life experiences. Listen to the broken pieces. More importantly, listen to how they were able to pick up the broken pieces of their life and put them together once again. By becoming a good listener, you help yourself by learning more and getting deeply inspired. Be inspired, stay positive, and lead a happy life.

Mental Wellbeing

Most of the time, we tend to believe that being mentally unwell can only by walking half-naked on the streets and saying inaudible things. The mental stability of any human being is key to their happiness and success, generally in life.

Sadly for many of us, we do not realize we are mentally unstable and need some time off work and routine activities. The world is becoming quite competitive. It is either you fit in or sit by the roadside and watch other people move forward. The urge to be the best dad, the best worker, and to attain some goals by a certain age can lead us to the abyss of stress and mental burnout.

Relieve yourself the unnecessary pressure and focus on what makes you happy. Above all, take time off from routine schedule and relax your mind.

Be Grateful and avoid Negative Self-Talk

We are all working hard and trying to achieve our goals. The pressure that comes with it is immense. We want to fit in specific groups and live the same lifestyles as our peers. In short, we are always trying to please and be accepted by our family and friends. What if they don’t? How do we then deal with the resultant resentment? 

If you ever feel you are in some competition, you need to revisit your values. More importantly, you need to realize that by trying to leave beyond your means and getting yourself in unnecessary competition, you lose your moral values. Losing our moral values means being out of touch with God. Sometimes you may face difficult situations in life and ask, does God really exist? If He did not, then we wouldn’t be here discussing the moral values and life struggles. 

In a way, we always find out a way out of or problems and struggles. If it is not God that intervenes in all these situations, then I can’t think of anyone else who does. Do not try pleasing anyone by compromising on your morals. It doesn’t end in the right way.

My Parting Shot

Always endeavor to be the best you can. Being the best doesn’t necessarily mean owning fleets of cars and apartments. It means being able to identify your purpose in life and working hard towards achieving it. More importantly, be guided by your morals.