Modern technology keeps opening up new avenues and alters the understanding of masses about the types of vehicles suitable for them. With the continuous development of cloud-based IT infrastructure, the automotive industry is also reaping the basic benefits, mainly in the form of autonomous driving capabilities.
Recently, in a major development,¬†Volkswagen VW officially collaborated with the largest technology company in the world, Microsoft. The partnership will see Microsoft use its technical expertise in cloud technology to accelerate the development of VW’s autonomous driving system.

The partnership helped the German carmaker create Microsoft cloud technology for cars connected to VW. In the next phase, the carmaker intends to create an automatic driving platform ADP that will serve as a launching pad for the further development of autonomous driving technology. VW intends to do this using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Azure is a robust and sophisticated cloud computing division of Microsoft. The division offers an efficient cloud computing platform that provides a solution for multiple organizations that want to move their complex projects and / o r operations to a cloud-based location.

Realizing the need for a dynamic solution to their aspirations, VW sought the help of the world’s most passionate technology giants to move smoothly into a new era of car development.

As technology has become a necessity in vehicle development, several car manufacturers have joined the list of technology companies to help develop the efficient means of modern vehicle driving. Time will tell who is first in this race for technical progress. Spoiler alert! This is may be a typical electric car company in San Carlos, California, USA.