Volunteering From Home - Sarah Laud

With the health pandemic, many people have been unable to volunteer at their usual places. Fortunately, it’s possible to volunteer without leaving your home. Here are some ideas.

Your Neighborhood

You can start with just the people around you. Put up a few colorful signs thanking essential workers for doing their part. They are often forgotten but perform a very important part in society. You can put a sign on your garbage can for the trash worker. Likewise for the mailbox for your mailman. A small token of appreciation will go a long way.

Your driveway can be used as a billboard for kindness with some chalk images. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, you can use look at Pinterest to see what others are doing.

Senior Citizens

The elderly are greatly affected by COVID-19. Not only are they especially vulnerable to the disease, but they might not be able to see family members or friends.

You can cheer them up in numerous ways. Give a call to your local senior center or nursing home. Often they’ll accept drawings and cards. You can make a “sunshine call” to provide social company. Sign up to be a penpal and exchange emails or write letters. Both of these only take a few minutes and are only light commitments.


Some people love animals. Why not adopt a pet? You can even virtually register. Be aware that this is a big commitment. You are responsible for the life of an emotionally advanced animal. If you’re not ready for the big commitment, try fostering. That way you can try it to see if you’re up for it.  If you can’t do either, you can buy pet toys and mail them in.


Try to come up with more ways your household can be green. Are you recycling as much as possible? Do you have a compost pile? Are you doing things like having energy-efficient light bulbs? A vegetable garden can be a great idea.

Virtual Fundraiser

You might need to be a little creative with this but they can be done. Playing video games can raise a lot of money if you promote the event right. Try having a virtual lemonade stand. You could organize a race with everyone using treadmills.

COVID-19 has changed many things. It’s still possible to volunteer without leaving your home.