Volunteering With the Seeing Eye - Sarah Laud

For visually impaired individuals, a properly trained guide dog can make an immense difference in autonomy, independence, and safety. The Seeing Eye is a nonprofit based in New Jersey dedicated to providing excellent training programs to ensure that the dogs and owners are prepared to navigate life together.

They also aspire to share information with the public on seeing-eye dogs, public policy, and what blind individuals can do on their own. With these goals, the Seeing Eye strives to increase awareness of their work and initiatives while upholding integrity, respect, and community engagement.

Getting involved with this organization is a worthwhile endeavor. There are a few ways you can support them and their initiative.

Spread the Word

One of the easiest ways to help this organization is to share their materials and educational resources when possible. Attending their events, bringing along guests, and generally speaking positively about their work will increase their potential pool of donors and extend their reach.


There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with the Seeing Eye. Common activities include caring for dogs in training, driving graduates to speaking events, and performing clerical tasks. To become a volunteer, you should contact the organization and submit the volunteer form you receive.

Volunteers may also offer to host events to provide education and resources to the community or facilitate fundraising efforts.


You can make a one-time donation to support the Seeing Eye or commit to being a Paw Partner, contributing monthly donations to help provide consistent support. Because the organization does not receive any government funding, it is dependent on individual and business contributions. So far, because of the generous donations it has consistently received, The Seeing Eye has been able to keep fees at the same price for more than 90 years.

With unique projects on the horizon like Blueprint for the Future, in which the Morristown facility is planning to expand its state-of-the-art kennel facility, donations will go toward training programs and more. 

The Seeing Eye is an excellent organization that provides a valuable service to visually-impaired individuals. Getting involved in any way you can help ensure they can continue their work and support those in need.