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You are here because you are a story writer, or maybe because you have realized the talent of writing in yourself and aspire to become one day. Writing is had but telling a story is harder. Not everyone is born with the golden talent of writing, it’s a holy water that doesn’t flow on its own. You have to dig deep down, and let the tap open on its own, for this talent to flow like river.

Know that hard work and practice, is the actual key that will let the soul of writer come out. This article will help your inner writer come out and spread the magic on paper.

Don’t doubt, for it is the enemy of talent

Yes, it the first step. Realize and accept that writing is the path you will take. Don’t doubt. Feel like a writer, even if you are not feeling like one. Fake it till you make it.

Find your passion

Passion is the drive that will wake your inner writer. Find your genre. Ask yourself what you think about most in your whole day. It can be sad topic, funny situation or romance. What you fantasies about the most. What attracts you the most?  

Answers to these questions will open your mind to possibility of understanding you. Keep writing answers to these questions on paper. Then pick one of the answers and try to explore those topics on paper through writing.

Write, write and repeat.

This exercise will actually help you find your genre.

If write my essay appears in your ears from your high school memory lane , then just avoid it, as story writing is not essay writing. Leave the fear behind.

Don’t save good ideas

If you have an amazing plot in your mind, and your heart races every time you think about it, then please don’t put that idea on hold for some favorable time in future. Because that perfect time might never come. And even if it comes, you might not find passion for it in future. So, whatever is your inspiration at the moment, write about it. Just write. You just have to start and magic will flow by itself.

Change places or just stick

There is no perfect place, time or way that you can adopt to write. Every writer is different. Some sit on one spot and write for hours, other need to change their place. Silence is the friend of a writer. But you might not always find it. So even if it is unavailable, just learn to compromise. Never let ANY obstacle to stop your inner voice from spreading.

Start with protagonist

Many writers often get obsessed with one character, and that might be only one character that they have in their mind, they feel for that character, becomes obsessed with that character. If you are that writer, don’t worry. Not all the characters can come in your mind on its own. You might need to actually plot other characters around the protagonist.

And believe me there is NOTHING wrong with thinking and developing those characters.

Do you know, that actors before start acting a particular character work on its development? Like how they will walk, how will they talk, how will they feel, what they will like to wear. They actually have a team that work on these characters.

As writer, you need to do same. And there is nothing wrong about not receiving revelation about other characters.

Take character from surroundings

See the characters from real life around you, and think about mapping those characters around the protagonist and story that you have in your mind.  You can mold those characters the way you like.

The best artistic part of story writing is that there is no right and wrong way of doing it.

Our ideas and characters are your colors and your paper is your canvas, play with colors the way you want them to. Change them, mix them, spread them and plot them the way you like.

Story writing is beautiful. So just do it.