I have always kept myself in shape but noticed as I reached 50, it got harder to keep my weight in check, particularly around my middle. Motivating myself to run when joints got sore was tough and feeling a bit down about it one day, I happened to bump into my personal trainer. She’d recently stopped work to have her first baby and looked terrific.

Only 2 months after the birth, she was back to her old self, not an ounce of baby weight anywhere. After complimenting her on how she had managed it so quickly, I asked her what she’d done.

She walked.

She’d pushed her buggy for 1 hour every day trying to get her little one off to sleep. Walking was what had removed her extra baby weight, no strange diets or regimes, just plain old walking. That got me thinking.

There are times that I really can’t be bothered going for a run but I can always find the energy for a walk and walking is better than doing nothing at all.

In 1 hour, I can speed along 6km’s, about 8000 steps, so I’m not hanging about, but I’m not fast enough to join the speed walking championships any time soon. I pace fast enough to get a sweat on and elevate my heart rate to do some good. You’ll find your own comfortable speed as you get going.

I have “discovered” walking has other benefits than burning calories:

My mind is awakened
My emotions are balanced
My surroundings excite once more.
The sun feels welcoming
The rain feels exhilarating
Getting sweaty is motivating
The vitamin D is benefiting

I think it’s fair to say that most of us can walk at some point during the day; it’s just a matter of allocating that time and committing to doing it. I find early is best for me, before breakfast and the rest of the day but if I do miss a morning for some reason, I can go for a shorter one after dinner. Great for the digestion too!

Miss it, and I miss it.

We all have 24 hours in the day, we just choose to spend them as we see fit, so I urge you to make walking a new habit starting today. By walking for 1 hour every day for a week, you are well on your way to a new norm and soon enough, it’ll be part of your routine like cleaning your teeth.

Devote a few hours of the week to yourself, time when you’ll go for your walk, sort through your thoughts and emotions, get your blood flowing and take in your surroundings once again.

Now, I don’t even think of it as exercise. It’s simply my time, part of being me.

Try it, I know you’ll love it.

Do you walk regularly? How else do you keep your mind and body healthy?


  • Linda Coles

    Writer of 10 crime fiction novels.

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    Hi, I'm Linda Coles and I write British crime novels. #GreatBritishCrime. #BritishCrimeDrama Being a writer has it's challenges, both stress, eating and sleep-wise, and I'll share with you as I go. Here's a little on what my novels are about: I developed the DC Jack Rutherford and DS Amanda Lacey series back in 2017 and have watched them and their colleagues grow over time, via their work as well as their personal lives. Jack, is a bit of a 'Maigret', smart and soft-hearted. And as for Amanda? Maybe a younger ‘Vera’, dedicated, honourable and savvy. Unlike Vera, she wears well-polished Dr. Martens boots with her sensible work suit. That should tell you something of her nature. Together the duo work on crimes in Croydon, England, usually featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. I do like to give them modern cases to solve, quite often involving technology or the dark web for a bit of extra intrigue. My other series features newly licensed Private Investigator Chrissy Livingstone who is strong and sassy, the polar opposite of her high maintenance sister Julie, and happy to get her hands dirty. I hope you get to know and love the characters as much as I do. My outdoor office is next to my vegetable patch in the north island of New Zealand where I now call home. My 'kids' consist of 6 beautiful goats, 2 cats and my husband. Thanks for reading my posts.