A change in lifestyle always brings with it mental reactions and changes! With COVID-19 infections and rising threats, people’s lives and minds have undergone a massive change. The constant lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are useful in securing people from getting infected, but it takes a toll on their minds. Currently, the statistics for depression, anxiety, and suicides have increased globally. People cannot reason out the pandemic and the way it’s spreading all over the world. They are becoming impatient about a probable cure and are getting caught up in endless, negative thought loops. Do you resonate with this? If yes, then it’s time you take charge of your mental health and practice the best mental well-being guidelines.

Simple tips shared by Ram Duriseti

No one knows when we can travel and socialize the way we did in a pre-Corona world. Also, even if the virus infection curve flattens down, are we secured? Will offices and businesses have to shut off finally? Will there be a shortage of food and business opportunities in the forthcoming months? It’s natural for people to think of these questions as everything seems uncertain. Ram Duriseti, a clinical expert who delves deep into mental wellness topics, suggests the following rules to stay well mentally.

  1. Feeling dejected isn’t depression

Most people are under the feeling that they are succumbing or might succumb to depression. It is essential to know that depression is a state of mind that has different symptoms than mental fatigue resulting from quarantine and lockdowns. Depression is a state of mind where an individual finds it challenging to get up and get through the day. Either there’s a complete lack of sleep or excess sleeping. People in depression fail to have a motto in their lives and don’t find meaning in anything. If you are feeling dejected and sad momentarily, don’t fret. It might not be anything severe. The best way out is to get speaking with a counselor.

  • Read books that have positive and life-supporting messages

The self-help books are an excellent choice in such testing times! These books share life-affirming stories and phrases which will help you to stay motivated and driven. Also, reading business success stories can help you stay positive and hopeful, as well. Take time as you read the books and enjoy the story. That way, you can zone out from the mass fear and anxiety.

  • Take a beauty bath at home

Self-pampering can help women who feel anxious to shed their fears and worries. Arrange a beauty bath regime with bath salts and crystals. Create a fun bath ritual and enjoy it. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It will boost your happy hormones and make you feel less stressed.

  • Don’t miss out on quality sleep

Lack of sleep can increase your worries and tension. When you sleep on time, your body and mind get the time needed to restore balance and fight the next day. Make sure you sleep well, as it also boosts your immunity.

Following the guidelines mentioned above, you can remain calm and less stressed. You can add your thoughts and ideas to it as well and customize it the way you want.