You may think that taking a daily walk doesn’t really qualify as exercising. After all, you’re just walking…right? Well not exactly! Taking a daily walk can actually do more than help you lose weight, says Georges Chahwan. It can also improve your mood. It sounds weird but going for a short stroll can be very beneficial if you have anxiety issues! Here’s why:

A walk is an automatic form of moving meditation. You don’t need any special equipment or clothing, so there isn’t a huge barrier to entry – anyone who has the ability to walk is able to try it. It’s also a form of exercise that doesn’t require you to use any special equipment, nor does it require a huge time commitment. You can even do it with friends or family!

A morning walk is an excellent way to clear your head before getting into the day ahead, adds Georges Chahwan. If you are feeling anxious about something coming up on your schedule, taking a short walk fifteen minutes before tackling the task might help calm those nerves and allow you to tackle this thing with grace and ease. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, consider taking a nightly stroll through your neighborhood or down your street. The fresh air might just be what helps lull you into sleep mode! The best part? A walk is an activity that can easily be broken into chunks. You don’t have to walk for a long time and you likely won’t get bored while doing it (unlike some forms of exercise). The key here is simply to commit to walking on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes.