Actors across the globe dream of the day they would grace the silver screen. Hollywood has seen the rise of many iconic actors over the years, yet the journey to the top is far from easy. No matter how successful an actor may become, they always remember their debut experience. Kate Katzman has achieved a great deal of success in a relatively short period. Even today, she reminisces about her debut experience of working on ‘Walt Before Mickey.’

Kate Katzman’s debut was indeed an interesting one. She had the opportunity to portray Lillian Disney, the wife of iconic animator and entrepreneur Walt Disney. Kate remembers how she studied the life and circumstances that led Lillian to meet Walt in the early 1900s. Her performance was deeply appreciated by fans and critics alike. Kate emulated Lillian as closely as possible to help her do justice to the complex chemistry between Lillian and her co-star, who was portraying Walt. Kate added, “Lillian came from humble roots and worked at the Disney studio in “ink and paint” as a secretary, where she first met Walt. It was a wonderful experience where I was trying to do justice to a true story. It was amazing!”

Before her debut movie in 2015, Kate spent a great deal of time honing her skills as an actor. She studied acting at the Burt Reynolds Institute for film theatre in Jupiter, Florida. Kate had the privilege of being mentored by Burt Reynolds himself, and later became a part of his Master Acting Group. She started with stage acting and progressed into films, starting with her debut and beyond. Kate added, “It was a privilege to have been taught the ropes by Burt Reynolds. He always encouraged and supported me to push my limits as an actor. Acting is my passion; it’s what I love doing most!”

Kate has come a long way since her debut with several projects in the pipeline for 2020 and 2021. Though she looks forward to a bright future, she remains humble and grateful despite achieving success rather quickly. Kate believes in always being open to improving her skillset while she spends most of her time multitasking between various upcoming projects.


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