If you FAIL to LEARN from failure… then Yes, you are!

Failure is our biggest teacher!

Failing is one the BEST experiences we can have in life.

Each time we fail, new options are presented. Out of failure comes growth – but only if you want to see it, hear it, feel it and then respond effectively to it. Failing is one of the most valuable experiences we can have. Whether it’s working through a task, setting up a business, completing study, competing on a sporting stage or anything for that matter.

When we fail, it means we get to dig into our reservoir of RESILIENCE, STRENGTH, and PASSION to find the purpose and drive that will keep us going and get us to the next level of performance. It is about our response to the challenge. It is often in times of working through challenges that we have the biggest growth and learning.

Many people are so busy focusing on playing it safe, staying comfortable and keeping below the radar that they repeat the same safe mediocre choices again and again. They operate under the perception that if they lie low they won’t be noticed, criticized, judged or attract attention when they fail, and therefore everything will be okay.

Yet other people see challenges as opportunities for growth, learning, and development to be able to take giant leaps in their career, relationships, health and wealth. To them failing is an opportunity, a positive that can be their ticket to success.

According to Dr Carol Dweck, Professor at Stanford University, these differences in approaches to challenges is all about our mindset. Dweck (2012) identified that people have either a FIXED MINDSET where they see their abilities as carved in stone, give up in the face of adversity, avoid challenges and chase mediocrity OR a GROWTH MINDSET where they can change and adapt, embrace challenges, and see disappointments or disasters as an opportunity for evolvement.

Recent advances in neuroscience have shown that the brain is far more malleable than previously thought where a person’s mindset can transform from fixed to growth, and when this happens, it leads to increased confidence, resilience and accomplishment.

So, HOW Can YOU Embrace Failure?

  1. TEAM – Surround yourself with people who ‘have your back’ no matter what! – these people are the ones who support you, encourage you, challenge you, and bring out the best in you. The ones who will ask the tough questions, listen to your concerns, and who share YOUR drive and passion for progress.
  2. TERRITORY – Be in an environment that encourages innovation – innovative and creative people welcome failure as an essential ingredient in life. These spaces, places and people encourage vulnerability, openness and creativity. There is safety in admitting a mistake, think outside the box and ‘give things a go’.
  3. TRANSFORM – Be open to the learnings and celebrate change. Sometimes this may not be how you expected. Rejoice, praise, and commend the constant progress. It is taking you a step closer to what you are destined for. FAIL FAST and choose your response to GROW.

    Moments of challenge, failure and success are as valuable as each other! It is up to you, how you interpret the situation and the lessons you learn!

    If this concept scares you – we can help!

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