Virtual Phone Number : An Excellent Tool To Enhance Business Productivity!

Recent survey by McKinsey Global Institute found that business productivity improves by as much as 20-25% in organisations with strong communication channels and connected employees. It won’t be wrong to say that such kind of increase in productivity holds immense potential for excellent revenue generation and overall business profitability.

In today’s excessively competitive world, running a successful business enterprise is a massive task for entrepreneurs. To do this effectively, business professionals rely heavily on effective telephonic communications to develop a robust customer base as well as to build strong internal partnerships.

It is however not always easy to measure the effectiveness of business communications. While some might argue that the quantity of communication can be measured through parameters like email traffic, etc., it hardly tells anything about the effectiveness. 

The virtual phone system is an excellent business solution that you must leverage in such a scenario. It enhances your ability to communicate via voice in real time over long distances for much more efficient, personal and fast communication across the country and around the world.

Understanding Virtual Phone Numbers Better

As the name suggests, virtual phone numbers are the business phone numbers which are not directly linked to a telephone line.

The beauty of this is the fact that these numbers can be assigned to a variety of devices used in business operations such as desktop phone app, desk IP phone, or a mobile phone app. It gives users the convenience of assigning more than just one telephone number to their phone line.

How Virtual Business Phone Number Can Help Your Business?

To start with, using a virtual phone number or a virtual phone system allows you to better manage and organise your business phone system. The main benefits of virtual telephone numbers include:

  • It acts as a centralised contact number that helps enterprises manage their calls much more effectively.
  • A virtual number offers greater mobility to your business as it is not limited to a single place/location. Instead, it can easily be extended to various services such as call recording, tracking, IVR, and call distribution to name a few.

While you can get virtual phone numbers from various VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers, one of the best options available is CallHippo.

Features and benefits of CallHippo’s Virtual Phone System

The main features of our virtual phone system include:

  • Call Transfer 

This feature allows you to redirect a connected call from your phone number to a team member sitting at another place/location. 

  • Call Barging

It allows a supervisor who is silently monitoring the call to easily enter the conference bridge. 

  • Call Queuing

An excellent feature, Call Queue places incoming call in a line or queue when the agent is busy attending other customers. 

  • Call Conference

This feature allows you to add a third person to your two-way call in the form of a conference. 

  • Ease of getting local phone numbers

With our virtual business phone number system, you can get phone numbers from more than 58 countries, such as UK virtual phone numbers, US virtual phone numbers, and easily get into the local scene as per business needs. 

  • Smart Call Forwarding

With this feature, each user can choose to have his/her calls forwarded to several phones. Thus, remaining reachable even on-the-go.

Advantages of CallHippo’s Virtual Phone System

Some of the other benefits of our virtual phone numbers are listed below:

  • The convenience of real-time calling info

Our Virtual phones allow you to record conversations with clients and all the important business data on a real-time basis. This provides an excellent opportunity to derive essential business insights, maintain a master database at one centralised location, and enhance the overall customer calling experience. 

  • Salesforce automation

One of the benefits of CallHippo’s cloud-based virtual phone number systems is the complete automation of your sales function. It allows you to improve the productivity of your business by-

  1. Easy maintenance of contact information
  2. Timely follow-ups with customers
  3. The convenience of tracking lead development
  • Reporting

Our virtual phone number is an excellent tool that comes with many advanced features that can strengthen the analytics and reporting aspects of your business. It comes with pre-installed reporting and other market analytical features for a better understanding of the data and profitable business decisions. 

Last Thoughts

As a business owner, one of your constant endeavours is to enhance the productivity of the business. To this end, virtual phone service or a business phone number is something that you must consider for better results.

The seemingly simple telephony concept of virtual numbers can reap huge benefits to businesses of varied size.  Apart from saving costs, virtual phone numbers offer greater geographical flexibility, especially to the businesses with operations running at multiple locations.

If you’re someone looking to increase the efficiency of your business along with projecting a professional image, then adding a virtual phone number to your business profile can be a game changer. Not only does it make it super convenient for your network and other business contacts to connect with you but also improves business functionality, manifolds.