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Client (n): one that is under the protection of another. 

A customer is just someone who buys and leaves. Whether or not they get a result off of what they bought from you isn’t your concern. 

Followers consume your free stuff, maybe while leaving a comment or two, and don’t give much back in return. When someone more popular comes along, your followers leave you and go with them. 

Customers and followers are transactional. You give and get something, and move on. 

Clients, though, are those who are under your care and protection. Clients are your 


Notice that the industries whose consumers are more high-touch and work through longer life cycles all call their people clients. 


Financial services. 




Another thing: client-based businesses usually charge more money per-exchange than customer-based businesses. Paradoxically, the more money involved in each relationship, the fewer customer/client headaches to deal with. 

Customers and followers can become clients — it’s your job to transform them from transactional associates to people you take responsibility for. 


When you think of your audience as CLIENTS, you stop thinking about what you can get from them and focus on giving them what THEY need. It’s a lot easier to help people when you think this way — try it and you’ll see. 

Your focus goes from getting yourself ahead to helping move your clients ahead. To making sure that every client gets a tangible result from dealing with you. 

Truth: help enough people get ahead through your protection and care, and you will get plenty ahead yourself — without forcing it. 

(H/T to business guru Jay Abraham for alerting me to this definition of “client” and why every person who sees your stuff should be seen as such.) 

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