How an organization communicates is a great way to gain perspective into the company culture; take some time to review your communications strategy and compare how closely does it align with corporate values. During my tenure with one company, a line of business was a presenting sponsor for an annual nonprofit event. I received a call one year asking me to cover the event because the most senior executive who normally attended wasn’t attending; the internal comms team no longer had band width to cover the event off so I agreed to do it; not only was it a great way to develop myself, it was the right thing to do for the business. 

While the exec is part of the story, they are not the full story. Hundreds of frontline team members worked for weeks on end to ensure this event was a success and let’s not forget the worthy cause itself.. or that the company logo was everywhere as the presenting sponsor. What was so ironic in this situation was how communications + community relations resided under the same exec within a larger org built on serving the community.. yet somehow those values got watered down within this part of the organization and sent a conflicting message for the what company stood for. 


  • Ilana Frenkel Kearns

    Strategic Business Operations and Communications Leader Connecting the Dots to Drive Process Improvement and Organizational Success | Chief of Staff


    With over a decade serving alongside top executives at global Fortune 500 and privately held companies as their trusted business partner and advisor, I provide strategic support for all operational efforts to relieve them of administrative functions, allow them to focus on strategic and tactical responsibilities, and achieve key business outcomes. The following are highlights of the value I’ve brought to organizations: Developed and lead and partnered with C-level executives to design and execute company-wide strategic initiatives, including working with department leaders to define, manage, and track their priorities. On-dollar projects, including new space build-outs, flagship events, and multiple-day offsite events to create team cohesion. Researched, prepared, and coordinated corporate communications and marketing programs to build awareness, and collaborated closely with internal and external partners to drive unmatched results. Guided companies towards increasingly sophisticated and effective use of technology, including effective remote work at the onset of COVID-19. Collaborated to produce and write articles, blogs, social media posts, and communications to build both professional and personal brands, increased partnerships, and boost revenue. Served as a Community Relations Strategy Leader for a multi-million-dollar corporation building relationships with 10+ unique nonprofits across the city of Atlanta and galvanizing volunteerism, sustainability, and people-driven community service. Reach out and connect with me here on LinkedIn so we can discuss the challenges you face with managing daily operations. I’d love to show you how I can lend my expertise to help solve them. Strategic Planning | Risk Management and Mitigation | Cross-Functional Leadership | Stakeholder Engagement | Corporate Communications | Project Management | Meeting and Event Management| Policy and Procedure Management | Collaborative Leadership | Workplace Culture | Resource Optimization | Conflict Resolution | Transparent Communications | Business Case Writing | Corporate Social Responsibility | Inclusion and Diversity