Getting both mentally and physically stronger should be a goal everyone strives to achieve. Through nutrition and healthy living habits you can gain that healthy lifestyle you want and become a stronger version of yourself. Three ways you can get stronger include weight bearing exercise daily, Eat your vegetables and protein and don’t forget to add cardio to your workout routine. 

Lifting Weights Daily 

It’s pretty obvious that lifting weights on a daily basis will help make your stronger and build muscle mass like you are striving for but it’s even more important than you think. Lifting weights help jump start your metabolism as well making weight loss easier and a more consistent basis. Becoming stronger starts here, in the gym and continues throughout your day making you feel better and look better too! If you follow LCR Health on Instagram you can find tips and tricks to utilize when incorporating weight bearing exercise into your daily routine. Bicep curls, push ups and squats are all great weight bearing exercises that help build muscle mass and make you a stronger person. In recent days people are using high intensity interval training which uses both cardio exercise in combination with weight bearing exercise using only the weight of your own body therefore you don’t need weights or anything but yourself, making this a great workout anybody can use. 

It Starts With Your Diet 

It’s pretty clear cut why exercising and lifting weights would help to get your body stronger but what most people often forget is how important your diet is as well. What you eat determines the composition and strength of your body. Eating high sugary foods and drinks will induce fatigue making it harder to get to the gym and you wear out faster as well which means your work-out will not be as successful. If you want to maintain the muscles you build in the gym you need to feed them the protein and vitamins and minerals they need. Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and lean proteins in order to obtain the vital nutrients your body needs and supply them with good calories rather than empty calories. Try going towards a Mediterranean diet which is a diet that moderates sodium intake but also utilizes fresh vegetables and meats with small amounts of whole grains as well to give your body energy. Limit any sugar or really fatty greasy foods to only one cheat meal a week if possible and always include fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal not canned or frozen unless that is all you have access to. Not only will this diet make you stronger but will make you feel better all day long.

Don’t Skimp Out On Cardio

We all dread cardio, it’s hard and tiring and makes your chest feel like it’s on fire, but it’s also very important in maintaining a strong body. Cardio helps to work with your muscles during strength training and helps them become even stronger over time. A work-out routine that includes cardio is proven to help muscles mass grow at a faster rate than one without cardio. Your skeletal muscle is very large and with a cardio routine you are moving so many different parts of your body that each part gets a little bit of work which as a whole creates a stronger body. Cardio also helps make your stronger through your mind as running, jogging or even just walking will release endorphins making you feel less stressed and relieves depression and anxiety.

So if your goal is to become a stronger individual both physically and mentally following these helpful tips and tricks will help get you to where you want to be. So stay strong and live on!