Want To Get Your Message Out -- But Nobody's Listening? Here's How To Do It... Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

“I have a story, and I think it can help / entertain / inspire others.” — You 

Thousands of people will read this message, but I know it’s YOU, though, who’s said or thought this at least once. 

You’re probably also thinking about how you haven’t been able to tell your story to enough people yet, as the stages you want to be on haven’t quite opened up for you that way you’d want them to. 

And I know exactly why: you suck at selling yourself. 

You, personally, are good: you DO have a story, and it WOULD provide value to others. There’s no questioning that. The problem is that you haven’t done a good job of communicating this to the person who can actually help you get your value out of you and in front of the people you want to serve. 

That doesn’t “just happen.” It is a skill in itself. 

I’ve done 4 TEDxTalks, appeared on 100+ other people’s shows, have had my video viewed nearly 100 Million times and my solo audio show listened to over 3 Million times. 

Is this because I’m a genius creator with amazing material? That’s debatable. Genius and amazing-ness are inexact sciences. 

Here’s a better reason, one that, unlike genius and being amazing, anyone can learn and apply quickly: I know how to sell myself. 

I know how to present myself — in writing, on video, and in person — in such a way that people want to see, hear and learn more. What I say once I get that chance is not even the point: 93% of the game is getting the chance to speak in the first place.

Your focus needs to be on selling yourself. Your game won’t matter if no one ever sees it. 

When you know how to get yourself seen, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get yourself seen. 

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