Who doesn’t like to live a happy and healthier life?? We all try to be, but we are not observing how Stress is eating out day to day life. Stress is the main culprit for many events in our life. It’s because of a hectic schedule of life, job-related issues, personal issues. Being busy is a good thing until you know how to manage things. But when it gets hectic, it causes major high stress.

You can manage hectic day by simply reducing the number of commitments in your life to just the essential ones. Let us confess this we all have 24 hours to work, and many people are utilizing this very wisely.  For a good practice schedule, only a few important things each day which has a higher priority. We all know success and hard work are synonymous, but few are willing to put in the work it takes to become a success.

Time is a precious gift God has given to each of us. It should not be wasted nor spent extravagantly. It’s a treasure, a limited treasure while we are on earth. Each of us have time for everything according to what and where we want our time to be used at. And each of us will be given the last 24 hours to live says Obaid.

Obaid Ali Belresheed Alketbi also known as Obaid Belresheed was born in a Emirati family . Whenever he faced up with challenges in his business decisions it was very easy for him to tackle as his desire for becoming successful was very high. Founder of Belresheed Group started his journey of the business in 1993. Through his excellence and his hard work his business has developed into almost all the industries around the globe. His efforts in building trust over the industries is the key of his success.  You need to be able to replace old strategies with new ones. You probably know to get rid of a strategy that has pretty much failed from the start, but getting rid of old, worn out strategies that you have just been holding on to out of force of habit needs to be done, as well. But don’t worry. You might not need to totally replace some of them if they’re still working for you, but maybe you can spruce them up and add to them.

Obaid Belresheed says everyone runs into obstacles, but the way you deal with them will determine whether you trip and fall, or overcome them unscathed. Learn from past mistakes and failures. Take those stories and experiences and use them to improve yourself and prepare yourself for future problems. Life is all about the continuous effort required for overcoming challenges. Every day brings forth new hurdles, and you always have to be on guard to dodge these hurdles if you wish to live a relatively smooth, successful life.

The consistent motivation required for overcoming difficulties in life can be easily lost, even by the most successful people. It can be difficult to dig deep and find the courage to face challenges, but once you do, that strength never leaves. There’s no such thing as an overnight success – every sudden success story we hear has been a decade in the making, and you’ve got to put in that work if you want to achieve the same success.

As Obaid Belresheed would say, “Start with Why.” You have to know why you want to do something in order to succeed over the long term. Sometimes the why isn’t immediately obvious, and you have to follow your curiosity in order to find it. That’s okay. But if you’re merely following the money, or are chasing validation or the idea of “being seen as successful,” you’ll never find your why. Those motives simply aren’t sustainable enough.

Your why is your inspiration and your bigger purpose. It’s what drives you, even when everything seems to be falling apart. Successful people have their own unique way of dealing with problems. Where others see impassable barriers, they see challenges to face and obstacles to beat. They do not allow their confidence to falter in the face of negativity which holds back so many sensible people from accomplishing great things, he quoted.