Most of our workplaces require that we constantly make speeches as well as do presentations. In my workplace, every Monday, a manager has to make a speech that will motivate all the staff so that they can work together to achieving the set targets for the week. On Friday, another head has to make a presentation showing what their department did in achieving the set targets. And the cycle goes on and on. It is like so in most workplaces.

We will be required to give acceptance speeches, key note addresses, congratulatory address, concession speech and even at the family level, one is required to address the family. So speeches are everywhere you go or look. We look at steps to making sure that you deliver the best speech ever.

Confidence is not inborn, it is grown

One thing that most people think is that talented public speakers the likes of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Trevor Noah were born that way. No, they have had to master the skill overtime. And it is not like they do not fret out everytime they are called to give a speech. No, they do. But they breath deeply, look across the room and have the content mastered beforehand.

Avoid embarrassing things like sweat and fidgeting of the arms

While you may be able to hide your shaking arms, sweat might not be really hidden. It becomes even worse for people who have hyperhidrosis which is a problem of sweating in public no matter how cold it might be. Fortunately, the situation can be contained using iontrophoretic drug delivery systems for home usage. What the machines do is that they deliver medicine to target areas so that the sweating is contained.

Master your content

You need to have read or researched widely on the topic that you are speaking about. Otherwise you will start sweating out and having a dry mouth when you look at the expectant audience who are waiting for you.

Familiarize yourself with the audience

If you can get the time, familiarize yourself with the people you are to speak with. Greet a few, compliment their dressing, crack a few jokes so that when you go to the podium, you will addressing friends and not strangers