Mental illness and depression are not new concepts. What is new, though, is that we are now encouraging discussions surrounding these topics and normalising these experiences. 45% of Australians will experience some kind of mental health issue within their lifetime. On average 30 Australians attempt to commit suicide each day, with another 6 succeeding in taking their own lives. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men are victims of domestic violence. These rates are even higher amongst Australia’s Indigenous communities.  

Focussing upon healing through therapeutic connection, Warida Wholistic Wellness is a certified Indigenous social enterprise operating both in Australia and internationally. At Warida, Kaurna Country acts as a sanctuary, allowing people to create connections to the land, animals, and themselves. Based in Adelaide Hills, Warida is led by Badimaya (Badimia) woman Bianca Stawiarski, a centred and purpose-driven healer, consultant, speaker, lecturer, author, trainer and change-maker. “For so many people, their experiences in the mental health system have been of being disempowered and ‘broken’, where they are secondary to the therapist,” says Bianca. “That’s not the case at Warida Wholistic Wellness. We focus on empowering people to undertake their healing journey on their own terms.”

Realising the vast amount of people living in pain, fear, anxiety, and darkness due to inconsistent traditional therapies, Bianca envisioned a sanctuary where people could feel safe and encouraged to seek out the help they need to heal. Whether it be working with their horses and facilitating equine assisted therapy, taking a walk through Country, using bush therapy or drawing on the natural wisdom of the grandmother tree, Bianca and her team take an intuitive and integrative approach. Sought out by leading organisations, companies, and publications from right across the globe, Warida has also become a preferred provider to Local, State and Federal Government departments and agencies within Australia.

Leaders in the personal development industry by offering empowering services and unique online and in-person training programs, Warida Wholistic Wellness offers something different and deeply valuable. “Many people, particularly within Indigenous communities, have had negative experiences with the mental health system, leaving them feeling disempowered and devalued,” says Bianca. “Warida offers a place that challenges that, where western mental health services are balanced with Indigenous Healing Practices.”

Providing volunteering, training and employment opportunities, Warida facilitates positive mental wellbeing and self-care practices in Australian First Nations people impacted by trauma. Their unique services are culturally safe, empowering and trauma-informed. Welcoming a diversity of clients, regardless of ethnicity or cultural group, Warida is proud to embrace individual experiences of wellbeing, and the ethos of Gudu-Guduwa (coming together).

Paving the way for the change this wonderful country needs, Warida Wholistic Wellness is dedicated to supporting the development of strong empowered families and communities.

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