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Justin Rohrwasser, a college kicker who got drafted by the New England Patriots, found himself the center of news stories shortly after the Draft. 

A tattoo on Rohrwasser’s arm was an emblem of the Three Percenters, a paramilitary group that was loosely involved in the heated Charlottesville rally / clash back in 2017. 

People noticed the tattoo in some of Rohrwasser’s college photos, and you know what happened next. 

Rohrwasser was accused of everything from racism to being a White Supremacist to… actually, that’s all he was accused of. 

When Rohrwasser defended himself, explaining that he got the tattoo because of things that the Three Percenters represented that weren’t at all about race or politics, this was met with skepticism and ridicule by the woke.  

The racist White Supremacist was backtracking after being outed, some said. 

I read up on The Three Percenters. Their website says

“‘The Three Percenters – Original’ is a national organization made up of patriotic citizens who love their country, their freedoms, and their liberty. We are committed to standing against and exposing corruption and injustice.”

There’s more that you can read yourself. 

I believe in taking people at their word until or unless they show me otherwise. 

Standing guard for another group that may have had more racially-charged intentions doesn’t necessarily make TTP racist — just like listening to Jay-Z doesn’t mean I support drug dealing, and liking 50 Cent doesn’t mean I advocate for shooting people. 

There are articles that do their best to draw lines between The Three Percenters and racism/White Supremacy. 

To me, the harder these articles have to work to make their case, the weaker the case is — and the “case” is all based on the assertion that the authors know the inner thoughts of The Three Percenter members. 

This is what I’d call a “reach.” 


Mind reading. It’s an invaluable skill. 

So invaluable, in fact, that I don’t know anyone who has it. But I know (of) a lot of people who think they have it. 

When you accuse someone of believing something that they themselves say they do not believe, you are mind reading. 

When you tell someone why they did something — despite their own explanation of their actions — you are mind reading. 

When you say you know what someone truly believes, and those beliefs differ from what that person actually says, you are mind reading. 

You cannot read minds. 

Mind reading is selfish and lazy. It’s your way of telling someone, I’ve made my decision about you / your actions, and nothing you say can change that — because I can see into your mind and know what you’re really thinking

Scott Adams addresses those phenomena in Loserthink

Sounds silly when laid out like that. But how often are you doing it? 

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