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About a year ago, I did a live event at a bookstore in Miami promoting my book Work On Your Game. 

Many authors do this — some type of press or exposure event to promote a book. Often they’ll teach something that’s already in the book, or, if they’re famous enough, they don’t even give a presentation: they’ll sign every copy purchased at the venue, shake hands and take photos. 

First off, I’m not famous enough to not offer some additional value with my book — plus, I have a bad habit of over-delivering when it comes to presentations. 

For my book event, I wanted to not only give a presentation, but share an entirely new framework that wasn’t even in the book

So that’s what I did. 

I figured that, since my book and brand are called Work On Your Game, most people think they have a basic grasp of what I’m gonna tell them: some form of motivational, inspirational hard-work-pays-off message. 

No. Hell no. 

I mean, maybe that’s what you get from what I speak and write. But if that’s all you get, you haven’t been paying attention. 

For that book promotion event, then, I shared a presentation and framework called “It Takes More Than Hard Work” — a clever pattern-interrupt by a guy who’s book starts with “Work.” 

I loved that presentation. I still love it to this day. As a matter of fact, when I shared the 8 points on Instagram live about a month ago, the audience feedback gave me an idea: Re-record it (sans the live audience) and make it accessible for everyone who wasn’t there at the bookstore last summer. 

So, here it is, free of charge: http://HardWorkAintEnough.com 

This 94-minute presentation will share with you the 8 KEY aspects that you’ll need going for you IN ADDITION to (not replacing) hard work, dedication, motivation and all the rest. 

Get free access here: http://HardWorkAintEnough.com 

At least 3 out of the 8 aspects will be things that you’ve NEVER heard a “motivational speaker” tell you you’ll need to become successful. 

Which makes sense — because I’m not a damn motivational speaker. 

Access the class now at http://HardWorkAintEnough.com 

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