Waseem Amrohi

It’s hard to “get heard” in today’s world. You have to do something to stand out and beat the competition. Unfortunately, we live in a world where competition is accepted as a way of life by most people.

Competition is a part of many situations in life, and can even be a motivating force. Everyone comes into this world with a unique destiny and life path. Each of us has our own life curriculum with individualized lessons to learn. For this reason, comparing ourselves to others is redundant and only distracts us from what we should be accomplishing in our own lives. Our aim should be to focus all our attention and energy on our own endeavours so that we can make the most of our journey on Earth says Waseem. Waseem Amrohi is COO of Anza Investment Group and also the founder of InKing ideas.

Instead of using others’ accomplishments as benchmarks for success, replace them with your own standards. When you are focused on your own life path, you will find it easier to set clear goals. Create a strategy with time-bound action steps you can keep track of on a regular basis. Take time to celebrate accomplishments and learn from mistakes that occur over the course of your journey. This way, you’ll make steady progress toward reaching your highest potential said Waseem Amrohi.

Set the bar for yourself. Be the driver on your journey to success.

You can’t guarantee that you will always succeed, but you can take charge of how you feel. Whether you are at work, at school, playing sports, or in any other kind of competitive environment, focus on showing good character. Be proud of others’ efforts and your own, no matter who comes out on top.

From now on, every time you face such a situation, promise yourself that you will simply make your own line longer! Surely, you won’t have to bother yourself with thinking about ways to cut short someone else’s!  Count your own blessings each day. Become a winner, he quoted.