From Facebook to Twitter, Linked-in to Netflix, email to Instagram- Nowadays perpetually our existence is totally saturated with mass media. We all have accepted this technology enthusiastically and we are happily fetching in one of the prime trials of development. Nowadays, even kids are busy using their smart phones, i-Pads, tablets etc. Have you ever thought- How did our civilization and society worked before the smartphone was introduced? This trifling automated device has such supremacy that it demands our responsiveness and devotion at instant. Instant messaging, television, video games, and web-surfing- everything requires our consideration. These days, developments in technology have profoundly transformed the approach towards digital devices. You may not consider that you devote too much time on your phone, but then contemplate about all the screens you perceive everyday: smartphone, laptop, tablet, television, desktop computer etc. Several of us devote extra stint eyeing at screens than sleeping.

Contemporary Work Culture:

The modern-day workplace is usually put up in a way that you can find ways to function without moving. For example you can make phone calls, send e-mails and faxes etc. without leaving your place. Deskbound activities are massive, which explains for various harmful deviations in lifestyle. Protracted sedentary lifestyle is not only bad for your body but it affects your mental health as well. Many advanced workplaces provide e-mail-free work areas, standup workstations and treadmill desks to inspire staffs to stand and move more during the day. Digital devices are a necessity these days and dependence on such devices is a universal issue. But then again how to make certain people are using their devices sensibly? Over 60 percent of people who toil in front of a computer screen experience a disorder termed as digital eye strain.

Digital Devices Can Affect Your Health:

Looking at computer screens and scrutinizing into cell phone screens can take a clang on our eye sight. Digital screens do expose your eyes to blue light. Though this exposure is small as compared to harmful sun rays yet, there is apprehension over the long-term impact. Sometimes you may need glasses as well while working. Such symptoms can cause work errors, efficiency and productivity. With increased use of screens mainly at workplace, it is becoming a main health concern.

Main symptoms include-


Dry, sore or irritated eyes, 

Difficulty concentrating and eyestrain 

Headache, muscle aches

Few Methods To Prevent Eyestrain By Making Modifications To Your Workspace and Safeguard Your Eyes From Overexposure To Blue Light:

Monitor Your Screen Height; the top of your computer screen should be level with your eyes.

Set limits on screen time. 

Be aware of when you are using your devices for work and when you are using them for leisure.

Upsurge your blink rate. Remind yourself to blink, a customary blink rate is 15-18 times per minute. 

Take regular breaks about every 20-25 minutes.

Visit your eye doctor regularly to assess your eye health.

Blue light produced by digital devices, is one of the undeviating, wavelengths of extraordinary vigor. Such waves can infiltrate profoundly into the eyes; generating a blatant influence, resulting irritation and strain. Your mental and physical health mainly your eyes; could be reimbursing the expense for screen addiction. Think about it!!!


  • Prachi is a fashion designer by profession. Apart from designing she loves writing and in her spare time, takes freelance writing projects. She writes for various health, fashionlifestyle and home decor websites. She also writes for a published magazine.