Planning your next vacation?

You should. Summer’s a few months away. And you need a plan to relax.

A well-planned vacation lets you de-stress. It energizes you for another year of work and school!

But I’m Bad at Planning…

No worries. We’ll solve that problem for you.

You see, bad planning comes from lacking ideas.

You need new experiences that distract you – while giving you memories to take home!

Below are 4 ideas to help you out. We’ll mention why they’re best, and how they help you de-stress!

#1 – Kayaking.

It’s just like canoeing, but with a few technical differences…

However, kayaking is a fun water sport. And unlike surfing, you don’t need to “wait for the waves”

You can just get in a tandem kayak, and move across the water!

And there are so many ways to enjoy this activity. You can use it to relax as you explore wildlife…

Or, you can use it competitively!


How about racing?

Kayak and canoe races are common. So you can have a fun race with friends and family!

Or, you can do it with strangers too. On your next vacation, just learn to kayak, and sign up for a nearby racing event!

This competitiveness is excellent for stress management. Because it gives you an athletic outlet for pent up tension!

#2 – Surfing.

It’s a skill. And a solo one too.

But it’s thrilling. You get to ride waves on a board, and far into the sea!

Surfing is an activity that makes you forget yourself. It involves so much coordination and finesse that you can’t focus on anything else…

And this makes it perfect for relaxation.

Use Surfing for a Flow State.

You flow physically with the waves. But your mind flows with the experience too!

You see, it’s just like skating or riding a bike. No matter your level of mastery, you must always be in the moment.

And being in the moment is what you need – right?

But I Want Something Calmer.

If so, you can try the following…

#3 – Scuba Diving.

It’s just like kayaking, and there’s no need to dive by season.

All you need is gear, a certified instructor, and you’re set!

However, scuba diving differs from both surfing and kayaking. And the reason is, it’s a calmer activity…

There’s less of a rush in the water. You move elegantly and slowly, and most of what you do is sight-seeing!

The Benefits.

First of all, competent scuba divers can practice underwater photography.

And maybe that’s a hobby of yours. Maybe you like to relax by snapping photos of nature!

If so, scuba diving is complements that hobby. It builds on it!

Or how about diving towards danger? Some forms of scuba diving explore underwater predators (like whales and sharks).

Obviously, you do so protected. But it’s a worthwhile experience!

#4 – Water Skiing.

Maybe you need an activity that’s “high speed.”

Water skiing is for you. Put on your gear, latch onto a water jet, and launch through the sea!

It’s Not Just Fast – It’s Fun.

You get to do what’s dangerous on normal roads.

You can zip at high speeds across nature, half-naked, and without worrying about collisions…

Worst-case scenario, you lose control and get wet. And if that happens, you can swim back up again!

There’s no rough terrain under you. Nor are there boats in close distance slowly moving towards you.

You get to move around freely and happily. So it’s an excellent channel to feel lively. And it’s a good way to spend a vacation!