Los Angeles is a highly populated city, and  Los Angeles billboards draw a lot of attention. The best part is that these billboards are being used to promote awareness of more significant problems most of the time.

One of the more significant problems that billboards in Los Angeles tackle are mental health. Mental health is essential, but it doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Los Angeles is taking a step to ensure everyone knows they are not alone in their mental health journey.

Mental Health Matters

In March of this year, Los Angeles put up a billboard with a lime green background and a man with a half-smile. The billboard clearly states that mental health matters and even has the phone number for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

Resources. Help. Hope.

This billboard was up in September 2020. It shows a pinkish-red background with an orange strip on one side. On the orange strip, there is a woman with a straight face. There are three words on the billboard: resources, help, and hope. There is also the number for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

It Will Get Brighter

During the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, most people were having a rough time staying at home for months. This billboard promoted optimism and helping people look forward to what is coming instead of sitting in the darkness they were feeling at the time.

Everyone’s Going Through Something

In 2018, there was a campaign called “We Rise LA” to support public mental health. The artwork on the billboards was beautiful and drew your attention. In the middle of the artwork was the statement reminding us all that no one is alone, and everyone is going through something.

You Are Enough

In April of 2021, a campaign launched to put up billboards reminding everyone that they are enough. The campaign has put up seven billboards between Los Angeles and San Jose during April and a few in May. The campaign is continuing to raise money to put up more billboards in the area.

You are Not Alone

This billboard is very simple but still enough to let the world know that they are not alone. The billboard is blue with white letters. The words “not alone” are highlighted in pink. The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention put up this billboard.

The Problem

It seems that men’s mental health isn’t talked about very much. This billboard lets men know that they can talk about their mental health with a joke to lighten the mood. This billboard says, “You can’t fix your mental health with duct tape.” This is a great way to encourage men to open up about problems they might be having.


Mental Health Awareness is incredibly important and isn’t talked about anywhere near as much as it should be. In busy cities like Los Angeles, it is great to see that they are using their billboards for good and bringing attention to this topic. There are so many great billboards that mention mental health.

When you drive around Los Angeles, there are tons of billboards. It is always great to see that these cities are shedding light on some more pressing topics. The city works hard to make sure the residents know that they are not alone, and it is okay to struggle, but getting help will make them feel better.


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