Investing in the security of your home will better defend you and your family against theft, break-ins, and other threats. It will also provide you with peace of mind. The process of defending your home is an ongoing process and will often leave you to wonder if you have done enough to ensure your home is safe. It is important to stay abreast of security upgrades as criminals adapt and technology is updated.

Use Smart Security Features

The Internet of Things provides homeowners with the opportunity to monitor the lights, door locks, cameras, and alarm systems from remote locations using a smartphone or other mobile device. This is swiftly proving to be a gamechanger for home security and family safety.

Home security systems that use smart technology utilize the Wi-Fi network in your home and allow you to access security feature with an app you can download to the device of choice. These security features range from basic functions like door sensors and motion detectors to more complicated functions like monitoring security cameras and smoke detectors.

Package Safety

Too many homeowners and those living in apartments and other shared community housing, have returned home after a long day at work to find out that a package they were expecting is not on their porch or in the driveway. In some of these instances, the package was taken off a porch or front doorstep.

Fortunately, secure package lockers are available to protect packages in community living facilities. An electronic locker will work with any courier service and allow for the safe delivery of your packages without the need for you to be present in your home. Lockers are weather resistant and have built-in surveillance cameras that use cloud technology.

Keyless Entry Door Locks

Electric locks that do not require a key can be found at most hardware stores. These Bluetooth-enabled locks are easy to install and it only takes a screwdriver to do so.

You will be able to assign and change entry codes as often as you see fit. You will also be able to give each person you allow access to your home their own entry code and monitor when each code was used to open locks.

Lighting That Senses Motion

An academic study was conducted in which 400 burglars were questioned regarding the homes they select to burglarize. The nearly unanimous opinion among the burglars was that they were much less likely to target homes that lacked hiding places and were well lit.

The lesson here is that light is a simple and efficient deterrent to crimes against your home and property. The days of easy to detect floodlights and motion sensors that work poorly are long gone. Today motion sensor lights are available that will eliminate all hiding places for burglars to hide in your yard, driveway, patio, or porch with precision.

Safe Room

You should refrain from picturing a safe room as the high-tech hideaway made popular in Hollywood movies. You can convert any room in your home into a safe room. A new room does not have to be added to the home. It is also possible to convert a room to a safe room without disrupting the functions within your home.

The following features will assure your safe room is strong enough to withstand an assault:

  • Doors made of solid wood or steel that can withstand kicks and other blunt force
  • Door frames that are bigger and stronger than the norm
  • The use of multiple locks that will mitigate danger if a single lock fails
  • A landline phone or backup cell phone that never leaves the room

The Bottom Line

Making sure your home is safe and secure for you and your family is of utmost importance. To provide yourself with the highest level of security, it is necessary to stay up to date with new security methods. Fortunately, there are a number of advances available to improve the security of your home.