Having stress? How about doing some massage? It can help you to recover very well. In this article, we will guide you to get the best massaging experience.

Massage therapy is a common form of treatment nowadays. Many people love this form, especially women over 30 years old. Not only reduces stress, fatigue but also helps people improve their sleep. In addition, massage also offers many other benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn the massage method at home right now!

Benefits Of Massage

Many people believe that massages only help them relax. However, it has even more uses than that. Here are 5 good benefits you get from massage.

Benefits of massage


Massage helps you relax and reduce stress. When the body falls into a state of stress, fatigue, massage is the medicine that helps reduce cortisol levels in the body. Besides, it allows the body to recover faster, which stimulates each person physically and mentally.

Lower blood pressure

Regular massage helps reduce blood pressure very well. Low blood pressure helps reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke or other serious illnesses related to your health. Besides, massage therapy sessions are also suitable for people who are always in anxiety, tension, and depression.

Muscle promotion

The main purpose of a massage is to target the stressed muscles directly. For example, if you are an office worker, sitting for 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen, then you are prone to have a sore shoulder. This massage treatment will relax muscles in the shoulder area, neck, which increases flexibility. Moreover, this helps promote the circulation and movement of the muscles. This massage can be painful but gives you a feeling of euphoria.

Posture improvement

Many people seek massage therapy due to back pain, neck pain, shoulder fatigue, and many other places. The main cause of these pains is often the incorrect sitting posture. And sitting in a wrong posture for a long time can lead to chronic pain. It causes stress in painful areas and muscle spasms.

Besides yoga, massage can help you improve your posture very well. It allows the muscles to relax and loosen slowly. Thanks to that, your body enters the best posture state. Of course, in addition to massaging, you also need to pay attention to sitting in the correct posture for better improvement.

Immune system increase

One last advantage that massage gives to people is a good immune system. Why is that?

When a person is in a state of extreme stress, they can get sick or trauma inside the body. At that time, people easily fall in

sleep disorders, poor nutrient absorption, which affects the immune system greatly. Meanwhile, massage is a therapy that helps promote the ability to fight toxins inside the body. Doing this thing is similar to exercising regularly, everything in your body will work better than ever.

Prepare A Good Condition For Massage

The room

Prepare a room for massage

You can start massaging anywhere, even at home, as long as you have a massage therapist. Before you start, prepare your space to enjoy the best relaxation.

Prepare a medium room. Only 2 people per room is enough to start this treatment. At the bed area, prepare some candles and some soft, melodious music.

To begin, undress down your pants, including your knickers, then climb onto the bed. If needed, you can cover your body by an extra blanket.

Supported equipment

Prepare supported equipment for massage

Besides preparing a warm, comfortable space, do not forget to prepare massage aids.

  • A soft pillow to support you during the massage
  • A soft, smooth and important towel is clean to wipe after a massage
  • A clean set of clothes to change after completing treatment

The essential oil is indispensable during the massage. There are many essential oils with a variety of scents for you to choose such as mint, lavender, geranium, and so on. However, on the market today, there are many poor-quality essential oils. They directly affect your delicate skin. So, to be more secure, you can refer to famous essential oil brands to give yourself the most suitable choice.

How To Give A Full Body Massage

Before starting the massage, apply a little essential oil on your hands. This will make it easier to move because the oil is very slippery and smooth.

Head and neck

Head and neck

Let yourself relax by massaging the scalp. Use fingers to move around the head, moving gently to the top of the head and then to the back of the head and nape. Repeat the procedure a few times before going to other parts of the body.

Shoulders and back

Shoulder and back

Next is the shoulder area, this is the position that many people like. The best way to stretch is to put your hands behind your back, squeezing as tight as possible. Then, apply pressure by placing your hands on your shoulders, roll your hands backward and forwards.

Repeat this a few times, put pressure on your arms to make the shoulder blades less tired.

Hands and arms

Hands and arms

Next is to relax the arms and hands. Using your thumb to emphasize the palm of your hand, makes the pressure-sensitive joints in your hand more flexible. Then, to massage the arm area, use the whole hand to make a long stroke from wrist to shoulders and vice versa. Repeat a few times and switch to the other arm.

Feet and legs

Feet and legs

Same as for the arm part. Stroke your feet with soft fingers. Focus on your foot. this is the time you let your feet rest. Next, gently massage the leg and do the same with the other leg.


In conclusion, here are steps to guide you to relax at home with massage therapy. Hopefully, this helpful article will help you have a better life by applying the above guidelines.

Have a nice day!


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