Life has its ups and downs, no doubt! Sometimes life’s journey might be so rocky, and you might be overshadowed by the ranging storms of life. And be blinded on how to express gratitude for at least the other rosy areas of your life.

And other times, things inw your life may be so good, and wonderful, yet you also forget to be grateful and express sincere gratitude for them each day.

Expressing gratitude for the things you have, opens doors for more and better things into your life. For instance, if you are a parent and you endeavour to be a good father or mother to your child or kids.

And your child or kids opens up daily by always daily you how such a great father/mother you are to them, and how they are so blessed to have you in their lives. It brings a kind of glow and warmth to your heart and soul.

And you would strive by all possible means to always make sure they are provided for, and are happy, and do not lack anything whatsoever.

But yet they fail, to at least appreciate and express gratitude to you for being a good father/mother. Even when you do all your possible best and always go out of your way to buy them new shoes, nice clothes, give them upkeep money, etc.

And they fail to at least tell you, they appreciate all you do and they are so grateful. You would certainly feel so terrible, and sometimes ask yourself if you’re not doing much as a parent?

The above instance, can happen in any relationship or aspects of life. Whereby you feel you went out of your way to make something worthwhile happen for someone. And they didn’t even say a word of gratitude to you. Or even acknowledge what you did for them. It canbe painful.

By expressing gratitude for a kind gesture being done, does not necessarily mean it has to be a kind of monetary compensation. Or one is expected to announce it to the world and all.

But at least to open up, and verbally tell the person or write to the person by saying am grateful for what you did.

If not for your stepping in when you did, I wondered where and what would have been the outcome of my land mower, or my job, or my bank account, etc.

Express gratitude each day

Expressing gratitude is not a trait or a value everyone is born with or has mastered over the years. But as long as one is alive, there’s always room to learn and unlearn somethings, and be a better version of yourself.

By expressing gratitude each day, you would be doing it for you. Because the benefits is for your own good, and not you doing it to favour someone else.

Hence, below are Ways to assist you on how to express Gratitude each day;

1. Verbally speak out on things you are grateful for to any Higher power you believe in.

Different forces and energy controls the earth. Some have christain faith, others Muslim faith, others are Buddhist, etc.

Nonetheless, no matter the higher power you might believe in, endeavour to at least spend some moments alone each day especially in the wee hours of the day. To speak to that higher power and express your gratitude for the things you’re grateful for.

This way, the universe will open it’s windows more for you. And would pave way for better things to enter into your life, because you did a simple thing to at least acknowledge, the little things you have at the moment. This is a very important way of expressing gratitude as you strat your day each day.

2. Always remind yourself where you’ve been, and where you are now.

Life is in stages no doubt. Your life may have been terrible in yester years. Whereby you may have had very little to eat, less clothes to wear, and not a dime to your name.

But nature smiled at you, and you are at least very comfortable now, and can afford a thing or two with ease, or even much more than you have ever imagine.

When in this position, don’t forget how you were before now, and things you went through.

Express gratitude for those things each day, because they propelled you into being better and not being relegated to the background that you once were or may have grown up in.

3. Count your Blessings.

Blessings are all around you. Even though you might be facing some trying times, there are so many things to express gratitude for.

These things could range from your ability to be alive at least. Ability to still talk. Your ableness to read and understand all what you’ve read on this post so far. You giving out a lovely smile, and the sound of your laughter to a silly joke, and a whole lot more.

Most times, life and fate may throw bricks at you. And dare you to be good and upright, but the more you open your inner eyes. And express your gratitude and appreciation for all the small and big blessings around you. The more you will have much more to express gratitude for.

4. Count your Challenges.

Challenges does not elude anyone in life. Everyone has one or two obstacles or challenges to overcome at one point in life or the other.

Hence, acknowledging your challenges and things that made you think outside the box. And be grateful for them at least, it would enable you see the beauty in the things of life, and help you express more gratitude for them.

5. Remind yourself of your Victories.

Remember no matter how stormy it is, there will surely be a calm. Hence irrespective of what life has thrown at you in times past, you found a way through the storms and you are where you are today.

Your finding a way, and being above those obstacles that stood on your way. Wasn’t by your own strengths, but through some kind of higher power that didnt let you down or made you slip off.

Therefore, endeavour to always express your victories in times past. By doing so, it will help you grow stronger and help you appreciate your victories the more.

6. Verbally express your gratitude to those who have been nice to you in times past.

Life can be mean sometimes. In which, you don’t get to see, or meet, or even find someone who would want to willingly assist or even be nice to you like every now and then.

But by paraventure, Divine grace brought someone your way, to assist you without hoping or expecting anything back in return.

You should by all possible means , sincerely express your gratitude to them every now and then.

By willingly and genuinely telling them, if not for what they did, you often wonder, what would have been the outcome of the project they assisted you with that turned out right, etc.

This would gladden their hearts towards you, and they would want to do more for you whenever the need arises.

7. Also express gratitude to those who had turned you down in times past.

Am so certain, you will be asking; why do you need to express gratitude to those who had turned you down in times past?

Well, you need to, because if not for the fact that they turned you down. You wouldn’t have been able to at least think outside the box.

And tell yourself you need to pull yourself from the ground and stand on your feet no matter what!

Those who turned you down at one point in time or another were only there to make you appreciate life the more.

And enable you express more gratitude for the little, and great things you may/might have.

8. Be always mindful to express gratitude for your family, friends, Marriage, Relationship, children, your spouse, etc.

Looking around you, you would see there are some individuals who don’t have a family of their own. To at least love them and share fun time with, but you do.

Some individuals may not have true friends, but you have true friends who care greatly about you. And are there for you whenever you need them.

A few folks might not be as lucky as you’re to have a great spouse/partner, but you do. While other individuals may not have a wonderful Marriage/Relationship, but yours is a great one to emulate by others.

Therefore, endeavour to express gratitude for these things. Even though you might feel they are so little and not such a big deal.

But they are some great sort of deal to other individuals who wishes to have all that is listed above on a day basis but are not opportuned to.

9. Strongly guard your thoughts and emotions when things don’t go as expected.

Life can be sort of crazy sometimes. And things may end up not as you expect or want. In that moment, a whole lot of feelings and thoughts starts flooding your mind and emotions.

You start feeling bad on why you didn’t pass an exam you so much prepared for? On how you didn’t get that promotion you worked yourself out for.

You ask yourself, what went wrong that you didn’t win that scholarship you applied for, and a whole lot more?

But always remember, you didn’t get to this present position all by your power and capabilities. But through hard work, determination, resilience, and through grace.

Hence, also trust in that higher power that has brought you where you are, to also take you to the next phase when the time is right and the waves are friendly.

Do not let you emotions and thoughts get a hold of you to start feeling ungrateful. Remember in all things endeavour to express gratitude.

No matter what the present situation/s you might be passing through at the moment.

10. Make up your mind to always express gratitude no matter what happens.

Determination is key for open doors! If you make up your mind to do something,and you do it/them rightly, on either the short or long run, it would yield much fruits of more blessings for you.

Remember, if you don’t, you might not see the beauty of the wonderful things in your life and how rich you are for the things you have.

Hence, make up your mind today to express gratitude each day for it’s very paramount you do so.