Social media has been the top of the town of recent, this happens to be the best way to connect to people regardless of your distance and tribe. Although people are easy to blame social media for any negative impact in the society but regardless of how we use to see it social media have done more good than bad to the society as a whole.

   I came up with few ways in which social media have affected our society positively, here are few ways in which the social media have affected our lives in a positive way:

  1. Social media is an important component for business strategies: Social media has been a great way for business owner as it has help grow business and in the recent day’s people are able to advertise their businesses all around the world through the internet and as well help to connect to anyone who is interested in your product all around the world. Most people have been to connect to business owners through the use of their phones.
  2. Social media is a way to enhance our connectivity: People all around the world has been able to connect to people through the use of social media, taking to friends has become an easy assess, even connecting to people in far and wide distance has been an easy task. Connectivity between friends, lover and family has become a very easy task with the aid of social media.
  3. Social media has a lot of benefits for students and teachers: Social media has become a great benefit for both student and teachers, social media has become an aid for learning between student and teacher, information’s can be pass easily with phones and student will be able to get the require information’s pass to them. The aid of teaching has become a quick thing between teachers and student with the use of social media.  
  4. Social media has help in building communities: The aid of social media has been a use to build communities as people are able to come together as one with the use of social media. It provides a way to gather great people together just by forming a group where people can share ideas and discuss important things.
  5. Social media is a way to save lives: Social media is also a great way to save the lives of your loved one’s, you can easily connect to a friend who is in a great need of your help through the use of social media. You can easily come to the aid of your friends by reaching out to them on the internet.
  6. Social media can benefit mental health too: Those who suffer from bad mood through challenges can easily overcome their challenges through social media. Those who suffer from mental health can easily get over their bad moment and bad mental health through social media. For a great instance I came across the story of Jeffree star who is a famous YouTube star and one of the highest paid YouTube star who spoke about how he managed to use the social media platform to get over some childhood challenges and some mental disorder.